Why is the Master #11 Universal Year so INTENSE?! Featuring Bridgette Love!

Why is the Master #11 Universal Year so INTENSE?! Featuring Bridgette Love!

Are you feeling the intensity of the energy behind the Master #11 Universal year?! WE ALL ARE!! Stick around to the end while we offer you some tips on how to better handle this energy so you can embrace both the challenges and the opportunities this year!

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The Facets of Paganism

Pagan ideas are very diverse and also those who picked to develop a pagan course are typically ending up being extra reflective. These people are a lot more likely to prize all points produced by “The One” and are closer to Nature.

Who Is A Faithful Servant?

Our partnership with God and also guys aid us to attain success on the planet, yet this connection is found on loyalty. Being faithful brings increasing love and also hope, advertises tranquility and cordial connections with people, and also a lot more importantly gets favors prior to God and guys. All these advantages could be spoiled by greed, envy, envy, exists, unfinished assurance, satisfaction, selfishness, frustration, hypocrisy, laziness, disobedience, unthankful, covetousness, rashness, unnatural affection as well as lots of others.

Zechariah 8 – Love Truth and Peace

YAHWEH’S affinity for truth and peace is seen numerous times in Zechariah 7 and also 8. If favour is to be knowledgeable extant of life we will certainly enjoin ourselves to God’s will.

God Gave Us A Choice

Is it our mind that identifies us from all the pets? Not rarely. Why exist some extremely interesting and also striking differences in between us humans as well as the pets?

Zechariah 7 – Act Justly, Show Kindness and Mercy

OBEDIENCE is shaped in all type of forms, as well as sadly obedience may occasionally be shaped by a discreetly disobedient heart. Such a legalistic obedience complies with God’s regulations however does not truly count on the will of God, for instance, the fasting of the expatriations in the fifth as well as seventh months for seventy years. Somehow they had shed their method; their fasting was not actually done to honour the LORD. They not ate yet they lost their ‘commitment’ since they really did not do it for the best factors.

Spirituality Quest

Spirituality as well as religion are not synonymous. Religions are typically defined by various other than one’s self. Spirituality has to be looked for by the individual and also is for that reason, a very individual thing.

Angels – Angel of Trust Assariel

We are instructed with worry not to count on. We come to be scared to trust the unidentified. Since we came into this Earthly Realm full of genuine love and a sense of openness, we are deeply attached with Spirit and also the Angelic World.

How to Go to Heaven

Basic steps for mosting likely to heaven. Heaven is reachable for everybody. There will be a time when there will no longer be any decay.

Attributes to Live On

To understand your self is to like your self. This is wisdom to obey. When I consider achieving a connection with my higher self or greater spirits, I recognize that it is not an issue of greater, but instead of moving much deeper within. My higher self is really my much deeper self. This is the location where spirit lives. The connection only improves when I obtain deeper. The initiative has to be extreme and also constant. With the understanding that all we see, is all there is, we have a tendency to not hear or see the footsteps of understanding, waiting to share its trainings to those whose ears and mind are open to it. When we comprehend who we truly are we will certainly start to be who we really are.

What’s a Friend?

We are affected by friends, so we need to pick them thoroughly. God wishes to be your buddy.

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