Why Am I Seeing Repeating Numbers and What Do They Mean?!

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Why Am I Seeing Repeating Numbers and What Do They Mean?!
This has to be the most popular question I am asked every day! In this video I teach you how to de-code the messages you are receiving via repeating numbers you likely see everywhere! I have also created a PDF document outlining each number. This is FREE to download from my site at http://www.annperrynumerologist.com/what-do-repeating-numbers-really-mean/
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I Think I Might Be Psychic

Think you may be psychic? You’re right! This article defines what it means to be psychic as well as gives pointers on developing the natural gifts most of us possess.

Discover Your Soul to Achieve the Ultimate Aim of Life

In this busy life, we have actually accomplished all the materialistic bliss however we have neglected something very important, the actual aim of life. Help yourself grow mentally and meet truth objective of life.

Become Aware Spiritually To Your True Divine Self

A look back into your passed lives. Awake mentally to the divine reality of ones self.

Know That When Almighty God Calls You He Will Provide and Supply All You Need to Fulfil His Will!

I have actually just returned from talking to, and also training, a group of young individuals on the topic of Creation. The concern session was lively and there was a gratitude once we attracted to a conclusion. This was a chance I was so grateful to have actually had. I will never ever have that exact same opportunity once again. Many individuals lose their lives. And yet, lots of people would certainly like to be considered a wonderful individual. What does it suggest to be an excellent individual? Everything has to do with exactly how we offer! Achievement depends upon our making fantastic decisions or an excellent option. Do you want to make a real difference in your life and also in the lives of those around you? Then, provide yourself to an objective above yourself.

Have You Lost Your Way?

A Roman general recognized for his valour, urged a slave follow him almost everywhere holding an indication that read, momento mori which converted means, “bear in mind that you have to die.” I invite you to take into consideration the extent of your life be measured by the considerable minutes instead of missed out on opportunities. Recognizing life is brief, we need to confiscate the day to discover our course.

The Shift From Spiritual Unconsciousness to Spiritual Consciousness

We all have within us a failed to remember state of being that is concealed by our unrelenting thoughts. This state of spiritual unfamiliarity is the norm for a lot of mankind presently, but the change to spiritual recognition is close to every one of us.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 7 Verse 13

COMMONALITY of objective aligns us greater than we envision. Our human objective is of sophistry when God’s purpose is benefits in everything we do. Our objective straightens with our default and we act in all fashion of idolatry, or our purpose is adapted God by the makeover of the Spirit.

Does Everything In Your Life Glorify God?

Have you ever taken a psychological supply of what glorifies God in your life? When you did this assessment, did you consist of things you possess? Your properties, in part, help tell others about you in many methods.

Do You Have Part Of Your Soul Stuck In A Past Life?

A big component of my healing has actually been to recover the genealogical energy that is impacting me today, and despite the fact that I do past life recoveries for others, they have not really provided themselves to me similarly as the ancestral power has. War Something I have discovered for myself, and also my clients, is that many, otherwise everybody, have been impacted by the power of War, from last century. My Terrific Uncle dealt with in WW1 as well as never returned, and this energised tradition I felt was still active in my …

Do You Have Healthy Spiritual Boundaries?

As an Intuitive/Healer I have actually had to spend more time trying to shut myself down than opening myself up to listen. One of the greatest learnings in my life has been exactly how to recover my over-empathy, as well as my boundaries which are method too open. I have actually had trauma in my life at a very early age which caused my borders to remain icy because open state.

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