Which Is More Accurate – Numerology Or Astrology?

Which Is More Accurate Numerology Or Astrology

Numerology and astrology both use numbers in their calculations, but which is more accurate? The answer depends on your question and how accurate you want the answer to be. Gail Minogue, a number symbolism expert, explains the differences between the two and how they differ. Gail also discusses how the alignment of planets when you are born influences your “energy package.”

Numerologist Swetta Jumaani

Numerologist Swetta Jumaani has proved her ability to predict future events with great accuracy. A descendant of a famous numerologist, Jumaani studied numerology under her father’s tutelage. She was born under the sign of number two. As a child, she used numerology to give advice to her family and friends. Her predictions have been proven to be spot on and she is widely considered one of the best numerologists in the world.

Swetta Jumaani has a huge following. She is a leading numerologist in India and is a bestselling author of Numerology Made Easy. She makes daily predictions on Radio Mirchi and has received numerous praises for her predictions. She is also an expert on body language.


Astrology and numerology use the same principles, but are different in practice. Astrology is based on the movements of the planets and their impact on human life. Numerology uses a person’s name and date of birth to calculate things about them. It can provide answers to problems and insight into the future. But whether numerology is true is a matter of personal belief.

Numerology can tell you a great deal about yourself, and can help you understand your own potential and challenges. It can also help you predict your destiny. For example, if you know your birthday, you can calculate your personality number. The day of birth can also reveal some of your dreams and goals.


Although numerology and astrology are different from each other, they can work hand-in-hand to unlock your true potential. Both systems use numbers to predict future events and personality traits. They can also help you make better life choices. However, if you use one alone, you may not get the results you’re looking for.

Numerologists claim that their systems can accurately predict major events. While this may sound exciting, many people are skeptical. In addition, they are often limited to one numerology system. Therefore, their predictions may not apply to other systems.


Although astrology and numerology are both highly accurate, there are some differences between the two. While astrology is generally more accurate, numerology can also be quite inaccurate. The two methods can work in tandem to reveal the true version of yourself. Although astrology is based on the zodiac, numerology is more specific.

Numerology uses numbers to predict your life and future events. It also uses the 12 zodiac signs to make predictions. This method has many benefits over astrology, especially for those seeking to predict the future.