What Can We Learn From Seagulls, Dragonflies and Goose Poop?

Today Spirit asked me to dig out a story I wrote 8 years ago. The message is still true today! Follow me as I share my lunch with some seagulls, share some time with some Dragonflies and watch a parade of pooping geese in my backyard!

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Hear, Hear, What to Do When the Enemy (Through Shame) Draws Near

Where we experience pity for what we have actually done or not done the voice of the enemy will be loud as well as clear – implicating us of embarassment we have actually induced ourselves. God’s will, on the other hand, is to work with what’s outrageous as well as make it an instrument for his glory – a redemptive attitude.

Spirituality Vs Religion – A Pragmatic, But Humorous View

This short article deals with my take on Spirituality Vs. Religious Beliefs, from a “Cultural Jew.” I specify Spirituality as what you select to think, accept as well as practice in your daily life. Faith is a collection of rules and regulations. See what worked for me!

Convergence of Science and Spirituality

I clarify just how spirituality and scientific research are various. Still both of them can converge as well as yet retain their significance.

Brother Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God

SWEETLY divine in the most human of ways – the writings of Bro Lawrence (1614-1691). Such do these writings take place as straight from the courts of God that a viewers will conveniently be captured up in a firestorm of much joy for finding out The Technique of the Existence of God.

Spiritual Path – How to Control Your Inner Energy

Fact be told– as well as that’s what it is genuinely all about– there’s little we can actually regulate. When we attempt to manage … the intensity of transition which shows up in the type of resistance or eventual Dark Evening of the Heart … the less we are really in control of anything.

Why Relationships Are More Challenging for the Spiritually Sensitive

Many relationships aren’t easy, and partnerships are even harder for the spiritually delicate because they not only need to attach with a partner emotionally, mentally, and physically, but additionally emotionally. For them, the undetected, spiritual link is obvious, therefore vital.

Thomas a Kempis’ Reminder of the Inevitable Coming

WRITER of The Replica of Christ, Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471) was a reflective as well as mystic who gave us unique peeks right into the human heart that contemplatives as well as mystics tend to do. This specific representation of mine is one that is based upon a suggestion of the inevitable coming – not merely Christ – however of death; a death all of us die when. Exactly how certainly unpleasant that we may make use ourselves to the opportunity to plan onward for that event in time!

Purpose, Power, Presence – 3 Answers to Life We All Want

PASSIVENESS, fatigue and also questioning are 3 typical weak points in a life that can seem anything, yet manageable and pleasurable. We all have these most inbuilt of requirements that deals with the above three weaknesses of soul and also spirit.

Joy in Simplicity, Realness in Pain, Blessed Centricity and Solemn Gain

LIFE is a constant journey full of experience, some of occasional happiness and also a few of unforeseen discomfort. We’re wisest to think about life a blessing. For that is the truth. This article, like much of my writing, is for the person that is experiencing unanticipated pain. The concept is we can experience pleasure at any type of point in life, not just when we’re jubilant for a reason – when something absolutely excellent has occurred or is occurring in our lives. I wish to show to you two techniques that work for our total development when we’re in periods of pain; such methods can aid our lives at any moment.

The Great Human Awakening

We depend on the limit of the best modifications in human consciousness ever before. Whether it is our connections with our enjoyed ones, our attitude to money, the ever-increasing rate of life, the environmental dilemma, every little thing is pressing us to wake up to our complete psychological capacity.

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