Wedding Date Numerology: Picking The Perfect Marriage Date

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Are you planning a wedding and interested in wedding date numerology to help you to try to determine the best marriage date then you have come to the right place because this short marriage date numerology video will cover everything that you need to know to find the perfect date for your big day!

When planning a wedding there is a lot to be considered including things like where you will hold the event, what food you will serve and of course what day the wedding will be on. But what many people don’t realize is that the date of your wedding can sometimes be more important than anything else.

Many people choose popular wedding dates such as those with symmetry in them (such as the 12/12/2012) however often these ‘popular’ dates aren’t the best dates.

The very best way to ensure that your marriage date is a good one is to first work out your marriage number which can be done by finding both your own life path number and then your partners life partner too and then combining the two numbers.

Ultimately you should pick a date based on numerology alone but it’s very helpful to know exactly how wedding date numerology can affect your big day.

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