The Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Here are the stages of Kundalini Spiritual Awakening as I see them so far on my journey.

I hope that this serves in some way to give you hope that the Dark night of the soul doesn’t last forever. These are all stages from my OWN EXPERIENCE. I can’t tell you anything other than my ACUTAL experience otherwise I am essentially lying and I am responsible for that. To be honest, I don’t want or need that Karma lol.

Here are the stages as I see them:

1. Planting the spiritual seed
2. Nurturing the spiritual soil
3. Momentary Self-realisation/ activation of Kundalini
4. Dark night of the Soul
5. Spring Cleaning – Changing your limiting beliefs/ negative definitions.
6. Summer/ Integration of the new knowledge (The light feeling is back)

As this stage of my life and Awakening comes to a completion I am filled with hope and I would love to continue to share my experiences with you as I continue my journey in the hope that you may receive some benefit or clarity from it. And maybe some tools to use that may further your awakening.

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