The Spiritual Perfectionist

Our spiritual awakening may take an interesting turn when we drop our spiritual expectations. These form part of the spiritual ego and hold us further from the truth of consciousness.

A Supernatural Partnership Part I: The Problems of Prayer

If somebody provided to offer you $100 for every day you prayed, would your times of petition be a lot more constant? Would you establish other things aside to get that time? The ramification is obvious-would you provide for money what you will not do for God when you know that He both commands as well as invites you right into His presence with prayer?

5 New Age, Spiritual Mistakes: Have You Made These?

Do not feel poor if you’ve taken a time consuming detour down a spiritual dead-end street. You’re not alone. Listed below we provide a few of the most typical New Age blunders.

The Seven Deadly Sins

All 7 dangerous sins are an expression of the negative male aspects of our own psychological energy. The opposing adverse women aspects of our emotional power are referred to by the church as merits and also seen as being saintly. We are all a combination of saint & sinner as established by the transgression or virtue of our emotional energy.

Isaiah 2 – Vision of the New Jerusalem

The prophet’s vision is of a unified country, properly submitted to the LORD, for the requirement to go his means. There is nothing of obsession that adjusts these “lots of peoples.” No, this is a vision of the New Jerusalem; a vision for the Church in some way not quite finished. As vision of the New Jerusalem is envisioned, we come replete with awe, that all people and tongues will join with each other as one to prayer the LORD; that day – if we can stop – is coming. Maranatha!

Letting Go of Resistance to Change

November 2011 and also the previous few months leading up to it has brought about, for most of us, a few of one of the most profound modifications within as well as without. With completion of the Mayan schedule on October 28th, the moon of Taurus/Scorpio on November 10 as well as the powerful brand-new energy website of Divine Light that opened on 11.11.11 for the whole planet, several changes are currently underway.

The Most Important Goal of Life

There is never ever an extra urgent message. As we step back with our minds upon reaching endless time, in situ with our Court, implicit of all enquiries will be one infusing question: Did you live for reality?

40 Truths You Must Know About Forgiveness

Forgiveness is your key to assurance. Unforgiveness creates mental deterioration. Mercy is obtaining your thought in line with the magnificent regulation of consistency.

Silent Night of the Soul

What will heaven resemble? Guessing about post-death experience – yes, envisioning eternity – can be a worthy technique. As life is commonly depicted as a mix in between euphoria and also pain as well as all way of feeling in between – including feeling numb – we could invest some deserving reflection time delighting in idea for just how other-worldly a presence endless time could be. Could it be a silent-night-of-the-soul experience? To put it simply, could it be the self subsumed in idea for anything but for the self?

Do You Compartmentalize Your Mind to Rationalize Your Faith With Science?

If you need to separate your faith in order to rationalize it with science then you need to realize science is just the research study of creation. This is not to say your confidence is wrong, or science: simply that you require a various viewpoint.

How to Recognize Life Defining Moments and What to Learn From Them

What can you do when life gets you down? From a spiritual viewpoint, there are remedies.

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