The Numerology Maturity Number- Who Will You Be When You Grow Up?

The Maturity Number is a very important modifier in your birth code. It’s the only one that doesn’t start at birth. It gives you some very big clues as to who you will mature into! Learn what your Maturity number is and what exactly that means! Special attention given to Master #11 and 22 as well as maturity numbers with karmic debts.
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And Unto Dust You Shall Return

February 18th 2015 Today was Ash Wednesday. It is not simply some ritual that says you are Catholic. It is a reminder of our mortality as well as frailty.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 6 Verse 16

INCENTIVE! We are all encouraged by reward. Sometimes that benefit is recognition and at other times it’s something a lot more tangible. However all of us operate reward.

Angels – Angel Prince of the East Gauril Ishliha

The Sunlight increases in the East, bringing with it a feeling of revival, the present of starting once more. Facing ourselves and what remains in front of us is important as Ego-chitter chatter tries to sidetrack as well as block us on our path to satisfaction. Angel Prince of the East, Gauril Ishliha, is prepared to lead the way clearing barriers that create us to doubt our value as well as self-respect to do what we came below to do.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 6 Verse 15

JUSTICE IS substantial for God. Since the heart is so main in the implementation and also treatment of our connections God takes fundamental fee over just how we interact with others.

Little Girl Lost

We all have our challenges to encounter in life. I think it is the challenge that makes us that we are. Who would we be if we really did not have our difficulties, our pitfalls, our mountains to climb up?

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 6 Verse 19

INFINITY isn’t on our horizon virtually enough, yet most of us notice our planet – our individual existence – is passing away. When we are even a couple of secs gone we will certainly be long entered into the next world. Also a few seconds post-passing all our worldly belongings will certainly have disappeared from both sight and also passion.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 6 Verse 22

Spiritual vision actually has little to do with the optical sense, in addition to the sensible problems of the eye’s stipulation – things we might see as well as recognize and, thus, comprehend. With the eye we have possibilities. It improves the experience of life. It provides life definition. What we see routes our paths. We go where go as a result of what we see. So it is with spiritual vision.

Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount – Matthew 6 Verse 21

BELONGINGS come in myriad range, in splendour as well as blessing, material as well as spiritual, significant as well as immaterial, as possessions and also obligations, and also both noticeable and unseen. Wisdom might be defined as the purchase and treatment of the best sort of ownerships.

Are You a Giver?

We often hear individuals described as “providers” or “takers,” with the initial being thought about the far better of the two. Yet I believe it has more to do with your hidden agenda regarding whether you’re genuinely a provider or not.

That Scary Thing Around the Corner

We obtain captured in the anxiety of what’s around the edge as well as obtain frozen. But if we ‘d just trust and take those first few steps, we would certainly realize there is nothing to fear except the tricks our minds play on us!

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