The Importance of Gratitude for Master 11’s

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Monday, July 27th, 2020 at 7pm ET

The Importance of Staying Present With an Attitude of Gratitude
featuring my guest speaker Megan Stephens from

What is Gratitude and why is it so important specifically for Master 11’s?
What are the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude?
What do you need to do on a regular basis to maintain this attitude?

These are just a few of the topics we will be discussing during our LIVE Master 11 event!

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Says Jesus, Come Into a Faith of Trust Beyond Hope

It is only my faith in God that can discuss just how life-shattering grief can be turned to a deep following joy. Or, that gripping fear can flip into courage parallel to conquest. Or, that shame as well as pity would certainly give way for thoughtful mercy that emanates from the spirit – something that might never be more accurate.

Whose Plan Are You Acting On?

Whose strategy are you acting out? Every activity of your own is tailored towards a specific strategy and you consent to it by your activities. Many people do numerous points without considering whose strategies they are. This article is emphasizing that you comply with the plan of God.

The Power of My Spiritual Eyes

Exactly how effective are your spiritual eyes? How much and also what you can see determine what concerns you. Many are looking yet seeing nothing and this is affecting the complete delivery of God’s assurances to them. This write-up is a phone call to re-evaluate what you see with your spiritual eyes

How God Uses Discouragement to Grow Us

When growth seemed to elude me, in a secondly’s insanity of exasperation, I tossed my hands in the air and asked God, “What’s the usage …? I can’t do it, Lord. I have not expanded! I can not please You with my growth.”

Go Beyond Labels

Labels limit us from attaining our God given capacity. Exactly how should we overcome the propensity to label ourselves? Check out on to discover!

The Tapestry of Life

Have you ever before considered the wonder of the tapestry that is your life? Have you ever admired how all the strings of your experiences have woven with each other to develop your very own special as well as stunning expression of life? We usually obtain so captured up in the daily demands as well as stress and anxieties of living that we neglect to tip back and observe the wonder of what is being produced via our lives.

Believing in Them As Jesus Believes in Them

I believe in the Principle of 10 out of 10. Jesus believed people were 10 out of 10.

Why God’s Gospel Makes More Sense In Suffering

We never desire suffering on ourselves, yet enduring will certainly take us right into the heartland of the gospel, as well as when we suffer enough, we’re taken into the inner sanctum of maturation. On one condition: the reaction that pauses, mirrors, as well as takes in pain, established not to respond, yet to learn unknowable lessons which can only be found out by faith.

Why Is Meditation Powerful?

Exercising meditation is what helped me come to be much more familiar with that Power within me, as well as via it, how I am attached to all life. Prior to reflection, my mind was full of the typical chatter of day-to-day living, with barely a moment of silent to see what is really taking place. I had little recognition of anything even more than the conversations of my mind taking care of my responses to life’s occasions. Reflection has altered my life by presenting room in the form of quiet time. That has actually offered me access the understanding that we are greater than what we seem. Now I have an ongoing sense that life is more than numerous hours. That’s the power of meditation.

The Insult of Brokenness and the Ingress of Blessing

Brokenness is a state. It’s the capacity to bear an insult due to the fact that humility for the pleasing of God is more crucial than a minor antiphon. Brokenness enjoys to withstand the disrespect. It trusts past the nonsensical nature of the injustices defiled towards it.

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