The 4 Step Feel Good Equation | Spiritual Awakening

We want to feel good in our spiritual awakening process. This 4 step equation helps us do that as we go through our awakening process.

Love and Compassion

Another word for love can be compassion. Are we compassionate people? Just how is concern measured?

Watching Your Life’s Purpose Unfolding

Your life’s objective will reveal itself to you and also this article goes over the most effective method to identify it. It makes use of the tenth understanding for spiritual recognition.

How To Practice Zen Meditation

Use loose fitting apparel when you are practicing meditation, and never ever begin on a full belly. Never ever allow Zen reflection to trigger cramps as well as pains in your back and also legs, and never ever require it or allow it to end up being laborious. Recognizing exactly how to practice Zen reflection is essential for it to be effective.

Understanding Death

The inquiry of what takes place next when we allow go of this ‘mortal coil’ is a topic for much concept and also speculation, but little bit difficult fact, for obvious factors! For some it can be a reason of wonderful fear and also anxiety. For others in particular circumstances it may represent a welcome release, for yet others there may be the realisation that there is actually little to be scared of as well as more to expect!

How The Power of Intention Can Work In Your Life

How does the Power of Intention work? Find out exactly how to create what you desire in your life through intent setup.

Do You Want to See the Power of God in Your Life?

If God is genuine, and also loves us, where is His hand in our daily life? As believers, what can we do – what should we be doing – to allow His elegance to resolve us? There is an old however disregarded combination that is spiritual dynamite … This double whammy is suggested by Jesus himself.

The Gift of Salvation

What is the gift of salvation? Why do you require to forgive to receive it?

Have I Lived Before? (My Answer MAY Surprise You!)

Have I lived prior to? Is this life just a short-lived stop in the spiritual trip of my spirit? Or, is the idea of past lives, psychic analyses and also reincarnation all a number of new age rubbish UNWORTHY taking notice of in any way? The simple fact is that there is a whole lot a lot more proof for past lives than lots of people understand, and also think it or not, it’s NOT the silly stuff you’ll usually see on day time TELEVISION, either.

The Karmic Cycle of Life!

Buddha and also Jesus both taught about Karma; “What walks around comes around” and “What you do unto others will certainly come back unto you”. These vital teachings regarding life help our spiritual advancement and allow us to end up being enlightened beings. We are all mindful that acts of kindness will return to us in strange ways, which no-one can explain past the Karmic Cycle of Life.

Crafting House Protection Spells

Residence defense spells can be valuable, whether you really feel endangered in your house or not. These kinds of spells are not just utilized to keep unfavorable energy and bad spirits out of your house, yet can likewise assist in developing an obstacle versus physical hazards and damage too. All protection spells get added power if they are cast on a Saturday, a day ruled by the planet Saturn which is understood to govern over bindings, defense and also defensive magick. As for the ritual, you have a couple of options – pick one that best fits you.

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