Sound Healing for Master Number 11’s

Sound Healing is SO important for those working with the Master Number 11 vibration.
I’m pleased to introduce Sound Healer and Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist Angie Latham.

In this intro video Angie explains why it is so important for 11’s to ground in both their heart chakra and the root chakra.

Join us on Sunday May 31st LIVE in the Master Number 11 Membership for a live gong bath devoted to 11’s. Those who attend have a chance to win a personalized sound healing session intuitively created by Angie just for you!

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The Sun of God in the Last Days

Malachi 4:1 -3 speak about the last days when the earth shall burn as an oven and the evil shall be stubble as they are shed up. Those that understand the real God, nevertheless, additionally know that the name is ‘Jesus’ however it is NOT ‘Jesus Christ’. They are the ones that are experiencing healing miracles and also are connecting with the Spirit of the Cosmos who is currently managing humankind and removing the incorrect gods from our middle.

The Compassion of God

That is why Jesus made that track record, “Close friend of sinners?” He gained it by approving people, also those that were separated from the mainstream of culture. The Kingdom of God is regarding reaching individuals. It has to do with touching individuals. It has to do with transforming people (as well as after that nations). And the method we get to, touch as well as transform others is via COMPASSION.

The Fiction and Magic Behind Faith Versus Spirituality

Several would be alarmed to understand just how much they are misleaded by props and magic that constitute their religions. My reincarnation verifies that paradise and also heck are absolutely nothing greater than devices to get individuals included. It additionally reveals that everyone that has actually lived before is back as well as that accounts for the massive spike in populace development over the last few decades.

Living Life As If You Were Always On Vacation

Stress and anxiety is something that is not triggered by outside pressures. It is triggered by our response to it. It might have come from outside of you yet YOU are the one that brought it inside.

Cataclysmic Tragedy – Then God’s Silence

Silence. A vacuum cleaner where His Existence made use of to be. Devoid of our experience. Gone. Currently what?

Youth Ministry Object Lesson – An Overflowing Cup

“My mug runs over.” A mug is made use of frequently in the Bible to stand for an individual’s fate, a person’s destiny. The cup could be one of blessing or of reasoning. Is your cup vacant? Fifty percent complete? Overflowing? In a place where water was scarce an overflowing mug indicated wealth. This weeks lesson is wonderful for summertime because the young people will certainly get a little damp while learning more about what is indicates to be loaded to overflowing with the true blessings of God.

Living Your Life God’s Way – Repentance And Forgiveness, Faith And Obedience

Are you a new Christian? Have you been one for a while as well as are battling with your Christian walk? Do you want to live the kind of life that God desires you to live? Do you wish to live your life in a method that is pleasing to God? Do you intend to be known by Jesus? This write-up and those to follow will certainly explore ways to live “Your Life God’s Means”.

Three Powerful Steps to Connect With Spirit

When spirit from the opposite side connects with us, it takes energy and focus. You can assist in ease with this experience by taking a few steps to attract spirit, and offer guidelines, and also ask terrific inquiries that enable a deeper connection. Right here are 3 powerful actions you can take immediately to link with spirit.

Resurrection From the Belly of a Fish

The ‘passage via some such inside’ is extremely poignant. There is an enormous mystery in every fully-fledged caring spirituality of the Lord. That mystery is this reality: we never ever merely arrive resurrected. We’re resurrected from something abysmal to something contrastively much better. Such is God’s love that it takes us into the bowels prior to we’re able to climb from the verge in His exaltation; His alone.

A Holy Uprising – Answering America’s Violence With Love

As a ‘Church’ we are bombarded from within on many problems in this tremulous day; gay marital relationship is one very noticeable picture. Today gun argument is also dividing the church in America. As a ‘Church’ we have actually come to be called an individuals with a lot to claim however with the failure to do; this in a day when ever before much more we crave management – at an international level, due to the way our society now functions – that can lead, and stimulate, and also admonishment – in order to bring unity, by practical force of veto, where essential, from within.

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