Shut up and Let Your Sh*t Speak!

Shut up and Let Your Sh*t Speak!
Join me and Stefanie Garcia for an amazing Master Class!
Wednesday September 11th at 7pm we will be LIVE!

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What will you learn?

Learn how to discover WHAT YOU WANT!
Recognize YOUR Shit from someone else’s!
Get clear on who you are!
Recognize your core beliefs. Are they serving you well?

Before you can learn what your life purpose is, you need to remove all of those old layers that have left you buried alive! Get clear on who you are, where you are going and how you’re going to get there!


For those who attend the LIVE event, you will be entered into a draw to potentially win a 2 hour “Discover Your Shit” session with Stefanie valued at $199!

You will also be entered into a draw to win admission to my 28 day Soul Coaching event valued at $299!

PLUS…you will also receive access to last months Master Class called “Own Your Shit!” valued at $9.99!

Those who are in the paid Master 11 Membership will be given access to this Master Class for FREE!

There will be limited access to this master class as we aim to make this a very personal and interactive event.

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Offensively Defensive

An appearance at our defensiveness and also examination of exactly how to get beyond it. Acknowledging our battle as well as job that needs to be done to restrict the actions.

Men Are Less Spiritual Than Women and Harder to Convince

As a spiritual individual and one that offers in a unifying way to bring people to the harvest it is complicated to see just how much less spiritual guys are to ladies. We are at completion of the day when most things will certainly pertain to an abrupt stop. Not only life in the world is endangered, but the survival of the earth many thanks to male’s behavior as well as lack of knowledge of the method the important things of God job.

You’ve Been Made! Who You Are in Christ Jesus

“You’ve been made!” If somebody shouted that at you, you ‘d know instantly that you would certainly been learnt. Whoever could be after you found that or where or what you are. Well, can I tell you, “You’ve been made!” However in this case, it’s you that needs to figure out who and also what as well as where you are since ‘you have actually been made’ in the picture and also similarity of Almighty God Himself. Understanding that you really are in Christ Jesus will definitely make you wish to shout: I will certainly applaud Thee, for I am fearfully and splendidly made (Ps. 139:14).

Why the Spirit Hid From the World to Suddenly Appear at the End of It?

The world was given over to both beasts of Revelation 11 and 13 to bring concerning the situation we have today. The earth is undertaking adjustments that man can not remedy, although he thinks he can. What is beyond his extent is the minds of all others who can not see threat or worth in anything outside of their religious idolizers.

Is There a Devil Opposing God and Bringing Chaos and Destruction to the World?

The brief answer is no! There is only the Spirit of deep space and it is the creator of all things, including great and bad (Isaiah 45:4 -8). The evil one is a religious innovation created to scare people right into remaining under the control of man’s power.

How to Find Infinite Joy (Thoughts on Psalm 9)

In Psalm 9 David sobs out to God for justice to dominate – for the guilty to be punished and the righteous to be proven. As well as completely factor: we recognize what a challenging life he lived, particularly in his more youthful years when he got on the run for his life, the innocent target of King Saul’s fierce outbursts.

Object Lesson – Ping Pong Christians

This lesson utilizes ping pong rounds to advise us that as Christians we can be conveniently considered, unsteady, blown off training course if we do not have faith. However through prayer and idea we can be strong enough to encounter and stand solid in any problems as well as conditions we might face as Christians.

The Fruitless Question of: Why?

Why ask why? Just how does this concern offer us? What is the purpose behind asking this concern? Checking out human reasoning as well as contrasting it to our belief. Why? is really an ineffective question.

We Are Pieces in a Giant Puzzle

That’s not a surprise and even an impressive declaration as we know that what we do has definition while the overall image is recognized just by God. What is exceptional concerning it, nevertheless, is that very few realise their component in it. Many don’t think that there is a God let alone one that has the world in its hands.

Christian Healing and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

For me, life as a Christian is not concerning needing to meet a responsibility, yet it is one of light, happiness and joy. Healing belongs of my trip as well as I have a deep passion in the healing of others as we all share the same vulnerable humanity.