September 2019 Energy Forecast – Heal your Body & Soul

September is an action packed month!

September Astrology brings you down to Earth with all the personal planets in Virgo.

Virgo teaches you discernment for healthy choices.

In numerology, September is a double 3 month! Joyful, creative 3 energy will be exponential since 2019 is a 3 Universal Year.

3 teaches you how to express what’s in your heart, so don’t hold back your feelings! Your creativity needs an outlet, so sing, dance, write, journal, play and show the world your true colors.

Mercury is very active this month. You might have so many ideas that you feel scattered or unfocused. You can do a little bit of everything and see where it takes you!

There are no retrogrades this month! This means it’s all systems go to bring your dreams to life.

In this energy forecast, I share with you the 3 essential steps for you to build your dreams!


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