September 2017 – The BEST Month of 2017!!!

September 2017 promises to be THE best month of 2017! This is a 1 universal month in a 1 universal year! Wowzers!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!
Numerology for Keeners 4 week Workshop now open!
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Spiritual Reading: The Best Way To Uncover The Mysteries Of Life

Spiritual reading is a devoted attempt to gather info concerning different occurring pertaining to life. The persons who do this are called psychics. They utilize their special vision or powers to understand different paranormal habits.

I’m Not Getting Anything! – How to REALLY Communicate With Your Angels

So you’ve acquired the “How to Interact with Your Angels electronic book” and also are ready to practice the methods. You’re so fired up to try everything and also begin talking with your angels as well as having their support in your life. But what if you begin attempting to connect and you really feel like “you’re not obtaining anything?

The New “F” Word – Forgiveness

It seems to me that culture requires a new “F” word. As opposed to the rage, disappointment, judgment, and also hatred inherent in expressions of “F- you!

Say No to Gossip… But Forgive Yourself When You Fall Back Into the Trap

Have you understood the destructive power as well as negative energy that is produced by chatter? Have you recognized what gossiping does, not just to the target of chatter, however to the wrongdoers?

Where Do You Find Your Worth?

Are you looking for that unique a person who will complete you? Do you keep an eye out at the globe as well as believe that a companion will make you really feel a sense of belonging?

We Are Not Our Bodies

When we check out one an additional as bodies, we produce separation. It seems fairly apparent, doesn’t it?

Hatred Will Never Bring Peace

We despise, as well as typically, we don’t also question or recognize why. Disgust is passed down from generation to generation.

Do You Feel Like You Don’t Belong?

Do you feel like you are on the outside looking in? Does it appear like every person else finds their location within the ebb and also circulation of life, but you simply can not seem to locate yours?

Unconditional Love With a Capital L

Love is all there is. Love is all that sustains.

3 Ways To Prepare for Questions About Your Faith

Have you ever before been asked concerns regarding your confidence? Questions such as, “Just how do you understand there is a God?” or “If there is a God why do bad things occur to great individuals?” I have 3 fantastic pointers to assist you to understand just how to respond to those concerns since they will at some point come!

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