Secrets Of Kabbalah Numerology

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In today’s numerology video we’ll give you an overview of Kabbalah numerology and talk a little bit about exactly how it works and how you you can use Kabbalah numerology to learn more about both yourself and what your future has in store for you.

Kabbalah is often said by numerologists to not be as accurate as some of the other types of numerology that are out there but it is however still a good choice for many people as it’s also a lot easier than other types of numerology to calculate your numbers.

Here’s a quick overview of what each number means in Kabbalah numerology:

1 is about progression and opportunities.

2 is about expansion in projects.

3 symbolizes an abundance of love.

4 is considered an unfortunate number.

5 is about creation and art.

6 is about fulfillment.

7 is magical and can attract the out of the ordinary.

8 is about personality.

9 is all about success.

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