Pythagorean Numerology: Intro To Pythagoras Numerology

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In this video we’ll give you a short introduction to Pythagorean numerology and talk a little about how it can be used to learn more about yourself and your future.

Pythagoras numerology was invented by Pythagoras thousands of who was a well known Green mathematician, mystic and physicist who had a big fascination with numbers at a very young age.

Through numerology he was able to discover that the world could be understood by looking at numbers and then using those numbers in a precise and mathematical way.

Pythagoras was often heard saying that ‘all things are numbers’ and that the first four digits are viewed as the essence of divinity – that is the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Pythagorean numerology when used correctly is an incredible way to find out more about a persons personality and needs.

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