Numerology- Your Life Purpose Isn’t a Destination

Numerology- Your Life Purpose Isn’t a Destination!
This video captures a couple of random encounters I had with a wonderful woman, her amazing dog and a physically challenged young man. I had originally created this video as an inspiration for the Master 11’s but I feel that the message is just too important so I have chosen to share it with everyone!

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Twelve Days of Christmas (Day Two – Jesus & John)

ON THE 2ND day of Christmas my True Love sent out to me two turtledoves. Both turtle doves are the Holy Spirit indwelled Jesus and his precursor, the forerunner, John the Baptist, and also their family members.

On the Third Day of Christmas (Holy Trinity)

The three French chickens, with no disrespect intended, can just be the Dad, the Boy, and also the Holy Spirit. They are not faith, hope and love from my sight of points, as these are not as central to Xmas as the function of the Trinity is. So, to envision this is hard, however God provided us God in the volume of God, as well as God was Present with us.

The Path of Love

I have the best job on the planet. My job description is generally this: love various other people. Whether I am dealing with Hospice family members, mentoring exclusive customers or writing books, my objective to like others continues to be the very same.

Stories, Storytelling and the Healing Process

The power of tales combined by love provides the structure for recovery on several various degrees. The writer, with every telling of healing tales, offers a priceless present. The tales informed by the author supply a means for people to enhance themselves and also start to recover.

The Complete Teachings On How To Become A True Christian

This write-up might show up in numerous kinds like “Advisor – ship On Exactly how To Become A True Christian.”” The Complete doctrine On How To Become A Real Christian.”” The Total Trainings On How To Become A True Follower.”or even “The Full Trainings On Just How To Become A Christian.”sharifcrish. It seems that this vacation season is ripe with understandings for me, and it is my petition that in sharing what I am finding out that you will find some quality and recovery also. As the time comes close to for celebrating Xmas with family and also liked ones, rather than overflowing over with expectancy, different feelings appear to be rising within me. Tears moved time and again as I embellished the tree and as I prepared homemade favourites for my children. Feelings of isolation as well as isolation rose within me as I began my two-week break from teaching. Fear and resistance surge within me as I consider time with my moms and dads and also brother or sisters. What is there for me to realize and also gain from these feelings?

Releasing Self-Created Stories

Have you ever questioned that scripture in Matthew 13:12 that checks out: “For whoever has will be given a lot more, and also they will certainly have a wealth. Whoever does not have, also what they have will be extracted from them” (NIV)?

A Day of New Abundance!

We’ve all heard as well as been informed, much more times than we can count, that there are only 2 feelings … love as well as worry. Personally, I see love as genuine love as well as concern as Ego-based anxiety as well as uncertainty. Genuine love is loaded with harmony, delight, happiness, joy, tranquility, health, success and abundance.

Alignment – What Are You Aligning Yourself With?

“I will certainly be with you always, regardless of what!” is the guarantee that was made and sealed crazy. Complying with the regulation of the realm, the memory hid. And not until the minute of despair, the assurance was remembered and also I was understood.

A Promise

Which side are you on? Do you recognize where you stand? Locate out in this Christmas icebreaker where the youth move back and forth to contrary sides of the room depending upon their preference of the two options you call out.

Icebreakers – Christmas: Across the Line

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