Numerology – Who Is Ann Perry Numerologist?

It has been one year since I started my You Tube channel and I am so grateful to all of the support you have shown me! I can feel the community growing as I get to know you all. Many of you have expressed that you chose to contact me for a reading because you connected with me on some level while watching one of my videos. I think it is SO important that you really connect with your Numerologist/Astrologer/Psychic/Angel Reader etc. before you pursue a reading with them! In this video I have attempted to share a more personal side of me. I hope this will help you to get to know me better whether you choose to have a reading with me or if you simply choose to follow me. My passion is helping you to understand who you are and why you are here!
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Grounding, Oh So Good or You!

Overexcited energy in the body eventually brings about DIS-EASE as we understand it as well as “basing” your energy right into Environment is a great method to aid move a few of this unwanted energy! We recognize that “electrical grounding” is the term used to explain the process of sending out excess electrical fee into the ground by means of a metal pole. So too, we can do the exact same by getting in touch with Planet to discharge our excess energy.

This Highly Dangerous Day and the Great Need for Prayer in the Church of Jesus Christ!

I have simply been advised through reviewing Mary Queen of Scots just how she feared the petitions of John Knox greater than all the constructed militaries of Europe. This I am composing on the most unsafe day of the year and if you review this later than today I just intimate that it is the last day of October and also that is a day when people open themselves to the opportunity of experiences they may regret at some subsequent time. It got on the last day of October that Martin Luther pinned his 95 theses to the Cathedral door At Wittenberg in Germany. These were topics for discussion but it urged as well as encouraged and inspired what has actually become referred to as the Improvement. Might this be an additional reason why the opponent of Almighty God looks for to divert as well as avert us on this day as well as also utilize his poisonous substance to blind us to Jesus Christ and also Christ’s mercy and poise as well as empathy and also love and anointing power?

The Human Problem

I believe that the Planet is an excellent location and also that we are all blessed to live a worthwhile life. Nevertheless looking around the world you would certainly likewise concur that most of us are not reaping from the blessings of the Universe. We succumb to illness easily, destitution gazes us in the face daily, households malfunction with experiencing youngsters, dependency has actually taken control of our sanity, Criminal activity is frequently rising, battle is no much longer a step of last resource and also we are helpless. Currently the concern is what went wrong? Please join me as well as allow us look at some of the response to our problems.

Jesus of Nazareth: Lunatic, Liar, or Lord? (Mark 3:20-30)

The gospel of Mark presents a compelling photo of Jesus of Nazareth. Mark 1:1 tells us who Jesus is – he is the Christ (the Messiah) and he is the Son of God (God the Kid).

Why Would Jesus Want to Keep His Identity a Secret? (Mark 3:12)

One of the motifs of guide of Mark is the identification of Jesus of Nazareth. Mark begins his gospel with the straightforward declaration this Jesus is both the Messiah and the Boy of God.

Sowed To Succeed

A harvest is a gathering of what was sowed. It is a conclusion of all the effort, time and thought associated with the planting. Having assumptions of what’s to find and gaining the advantages of those expectations is a win or party. The growing is not just labor, but also responsibility. Expectations ought to equal results. John 4:36 “Already, the one that gains, attracts a wage and harvest a plant of immortality, to make sure that the sower as well as the reaper will certainly be happy with each other”. We are offered a present that duplicates what we are to God. We are God’s gift that he offered to himself. To give a present is to sow. The intent is to profit of that present. Offering back what we are offered only magnifies what we were given. To gain is to take advantage of what was planted. We are planted from great seed and also excellent dirt but only if we select to be. Success sows success.

I Am and You Are

We must not perplex our real identity with our physical body. What we witness with our eyes are not constantly the reality of our being. We have to develop our internal detects which will enable us to find to understand that we are component of the almighty I Am.

The Secret Path of God and Reincarnation

Whatever male sees in nature he alters, ruins, uses differently or develops something various from it. The Spirit allowed these things because the secret course that reincarnation supplies hid the truth that they might never transform.

Biblical Evangelism Is Teaching

What does it require an effective soul champion? Let’s most likely to the Master of hearts to discover out.

What Is Biblical Evangelism in the 21st Century?

Do you understand anyone that still utilizes the term “soul winning”? Maybe it has befalled of favor amongst 21st century evangelicals.

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