Numerology Secrets Of Soul Urge Number 1!

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Your ‘soul urge number’ (aka your ‘hearts desire number’) is used in numerology to determine what it is that you heart desires and craves most and in today’s short but informative video guide we’ll be taking a closer look at soul urge number 1 and what it means for those that possess this soul urge number!

Soul urge number 1 is all about perfection and people that belong to this soul urge number quite literally strive to be ‘number #1’. They feel a great driving force to make a difference in the world and they believe they are important… and they’re right.

People with this soul urge number cannot bear to let others down and they have a great need for independence. They’re both intelligent and insightful and their perspective often does not line up with conventional views which is something that many around them admire them for.

Many leaders and innovators possess a soul urge number 1 and these people are likely to do big things within their lifetimes. If you have a soul urge of 1 just make sure that you aren’t too domineering as it can rub off on some the wrong way.

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