Numerology Secrets Of Angel Number 38!

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If you’re prone to seeing repeating and recurring numbers everywhere you go then you may just be seeing angel numbers that have been sent by the universe to try to help guide you throughout life. And in today’s numerology video we’ll be taking a closer look at the angel number 38 and will be investigating what it really means should you find yourself seeing 38 everywhere you go!

In numerology the number 3 vibration relates to encouragement and assistant. It incorporates the principles of expansion, self-expression, manifesting desires, growth, inspiration and creativity. The number 8 on the other hand adds it’s energies of dependability, self confidence, inner-wisdom and good karma.

When combined the number 38 meaning is one of joy and optimism along with courage and material abundance. If you’re seeing this angel number then the ascended masters are sending you a message to continue progressing on down the path that you currently on. This is a very exciting number to see and if you find angel number 38 appearing your life you could soon be experiencing great abundance!

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