Numerology Number 7: Secrets Of Life Path 7!

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For anyone that’s interested in the numerology meaning of the number 7 or who belongs to the numerology life path 7 then this video will do wonders in explaining what your future and destiny has in store for you.

The life path number 7 people are often analytical, fussy, prepared and wise though they can also be cynical, critical and superficial.

The number 7 people are well known for being introspective and are always seeking out knowledge and have a thirst for learning universal truths.

The life path number 7’s tarot representation is ‘The Chariot’ and they astrologically related to the star sign Libra.

They are also closely related to the planets mercury, Neptune and Jupiter and their lucky gem stone is the amethyst.

Furthermore the lucky month for the number 7 people is July, their lucky day is Saturday and the 2nd, the 4th, the 5th, the 7th, the 16th and the 25th are their best and most luckiest of the month.

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