Numerology Number 5: Secrets Of Life Path 5!

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If you’re a life path 5 person than you can watch this short video to learn a lot of things about what numerology has to say about your destiny.

For example did you know that people that belong to the numerology number 5 life path are usually clever, sensual, adventurous and profilic.

On the other hand though they can be rash, impulsive, undirected and dull.

Their tarot card is ‘the hierophant’ and the number 2’s meaning is also one of change, opportunity chance and lots of adventure!

The number two is also symbolic of sensuality, free and exploration and is astrologically related to both Taurus and Leo!

The life path number 2 people are related closely to the planets Mercury and Venus and are backed by both the air and fire elements.

Their lucky gem stones are also turquoise and Aquamarine, their best month is May and their best day is Tuesday.

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