Numerology Number 2: Secrets Of Life Path 2!

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This video goes over the various traits, lucky days and numbers and even lucky gem stones of the life path 2 people.

Some of the traits of number 2 people include being co-operative, responsible, patient, loving and support. As a result of all of this they can often be really good partners as they are willing team players.

On the flip site however no 2 people can be weak willed, finicky and sly. Some number two people can also be fearful or shy.

The number two is linked to Taurus and is influenced by both of the planets Volcan and the moon.

For life path 2 people Monday is their lucky day and their best monthly dates are: 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th,8th, 11th, 20th and the 29th.

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