Numerology Name Change Advice (Numerology Name Correction)

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Thinking about a numerology name correction or change? In this free and short video we’ll give you some helpful numerology name change advice that will talk about whether you should consider a name correction for numerological purposes as well as how to change your name according to numerology.

When it comes to numerology there is a lot of meaning in your name and the letters in your name represent numbers and those numbers have a huge impact on your abilities, personality and overall life.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should change your name in an attempt to pick a better or luckier one. Especially since things like your life path number will have a much larger effect on your life than your name is.

That being said your name is important however your birth name is even more important as it is the name that the universe planned for you.

There are definitely legitimate reasons to change ones name but it shouldn’t be for numerological reasons alone. If you have honest reasons to change your name however then a name change may be a good idea.

Always keep in mind though that the universe cares a lot more about who you are then what you are called!

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