Numerology Astrology for 12:14:2020

Suzanne gives her Daily Numerology and Astrology for 12/14/2020.

How to Identify Your Life Purpose

Today I listened to of a Scottish couple who have actually won ₤ 162 million ($262 million) in the biggest cash money reward ever won in Europe. It advised me of an exercise I often establish for individuals who attend my workshops.

30 Random Acts of Kindness

There is a guy right here in the UK that published an advertisement in a nationwide paper as it ends up, precisely 10 years earlier. It merely claimed, “Join Me”.

Beta Spirituality

Brainwave task is gauged in a number of streams and also, for the purposes of present discussion, particularly by alpha and beta waves. Alpha waves register when our minds get on auto-pilot; beta reasoning, on the other hand, takes place when we’re focused on a job to the exemption of all distractions. Beta spirituality, also, fits the Francois Fenelon tag. There is intentionality concerning it.

Find Your Purpose in Life

Why are you here? What are you meant to be doing? What is the objective of your life? These are concerns we have all asked ourselves at one point or another.

The Galactic Federation and Recent Disappointments

I read a channeled update from The Galactic Federation that seemed extremely genuine to me, yet the listing owner that compiles the newsletter warned readers to review the upgrade with “much discernment.” This just mosts likely to reveal that there is not a great deal of agreement in the spiritual area as to exactly how the modifications in awareness and also on the planet will really happen. Some people still rely on a lot extra physical intervention from beings outside this world than others. Yet recent frustrations are creating people to change their viewpoints.

Enter Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving

What if we were to each expand random acts of true blessing to individuals we meet each day? I have the terrific opportunity to do music treatment in assisted living home. When I hand musical instruments to citizens and also I see the delight on their faces as they play the sticks, the bells, as well as the maracas, I understand that they have actually been honored.

A Thanksgiving Day Spiritual Practice

If your goal is joy, after that Thanksgiving Day is the most essential day of the year. If gratefulness is one of the most vital spiritual practice we can embrace to bring joy and also happiness right into our lives, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could turn Thanksgiving Day right into a daily spiritual practice?

Finding a Spiritual Director

Are you seeking spiritual direction? Know what to search for? Know what to look out for? Here are 4 attributes of an excellent spiritual supervisor as well as three points to look out for.

Understanding Spiritual Counseling

We can not force people to change their minds. All we can do is plant seed in order that they may end up being self enough in their very own spiritual stroll. Offering the individual the responsibility for their own spiritual growth is the key to their success.

Joy – The Goal of Good Discernment

Jesus states, “You will recognize a tree by its fruits.” If you intend to choose according to the will of God, then you should begin by understanding what the objective is: joy. Let me tell you what I indicate …

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