November Tarot – Numerology Reading for EACH Life Path Number

So what does November 2019 hold in store for you? Both Vannessa Williams and I shed some brilliant light on your personal life path number with a combined Tarot/Numerology reading! What is in store for you personally? Be sure to check out Vannessa at

00:47:01 – Life Path 1
00:47:58 – Life Path 2
00:48:54 – Life Path 3
00:49:51 – Life Path 4
00:51:04 – Life Path 5
00:52:19 – Life Path 6
00:53:08 – Life Path 7
00:54:09 – Life Path 8
00:55:18 – Life Path 9
00:56:24 – Life Path 11
00:58:33 – Life Path 22
1:00:36 – Life Path 33

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