Meditation Mondays! Free Online Classes!

One of my own personal struggles has been learning how to meditate. I am a life path #7 and trust me when I say…we are head cases! But I don’t think that 7’s are the only life path numbers who struggle with meditation!

In this video I introduce you to my guest Natalie Parsons from Natalie will be our teacher for 3 consecutive weeks!

Please mark the dates on your calendar and make note of the Zoom link.

NOTE! Only 100 people can get into the Live ZOOM classes! So tune in EARLY!

The classes will be replayed here on Youtube and also my FB page at…

Week One
Monday October 15th, 2018 7pm ET
Gaining Awareness of Your Breath
Zoom link

Week Two
Monday October 22nd at 7pm ET
Dare to Go Within Beyond Your Monkey Mind!
Zoom link

Week Three
Monday October 29th at 7pm ET
How to Get Into The Zone In Unlikely Places!
Zoom link

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