Master 11 Tarot Numerology TAG TEAM Reading for May 2019!

Master 11 Tarot Numerology TAG TEAM Reading for May 2019!
Let’s say goodbye to April 2019 and HELLO to May 2019! After a super heavy month in April we enter into May with an 8 universal vibration! Finally we can start moving forward again! Join me and Vannessa Williams from as we explore the tarot and numerological influences for May 2019.
This reading is for anyone influenced by the number 11. Maybe your life path is an 11 or maybe you just see the 11 everywhere. If you’ve been called to this reading then this reading is for you!

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The Important Children of Israel in God’s Plan

The majority of the Old Testament focuses on the kids of Israel and also the laws concerning their growth throughout a time called the ‘day of the lord’. But that are they as well as why are they so crucial in God’s job. A glance around the universe and especially the world informs us that there are lots of points we do not recognize.

Understanding Our Energy

Energy is all over! By being consciously familiar with our energy we can control whether it is positive or adverse power that we are producing and absorbing.

Jesus, the Spirit of the Universe or Jesus, the Dead Man on the Cross?

Jesus is the oldest name for ‘spirit’ and also it was taken by Constantine for the male on the cross that he set up and also compelled everyone to worship or die. His acts to this effect endure. He developed the Catholic Church in 325 AD and also is recognized as 666 in Revelation 13:12 -18.

Fear Toward God Not by the Precepts of Men

Do you know God and also actually fear Him? People usually say that they are afraid God and also do otherwise, sing just how much they fear God and also yet their hearts are far from God. What can be the reason for this attitude of theirs? This article states that anxiety in the direction of God are not to be by the principles of men.

Easter Celebration – Death And Resurrection Of Christ, God’s Escape Route

Hallelujah! Easter celebration is right here again! Do you really know why you are celebrating? What does Christ’s death as well as resurrection indicate to you? This article targets at giving you a far better reason to celebrate Easter- Christ is God’s escape route.

The Posture of Respect

Uncovering your spiritual side will certainly take you to areas you never fantasized of. This write-up is a contact us to action to bear in mind to regard yourself and also others as well as you find out and also remember who you came right here to be.

He Is Risen AND He Is WITH Us Until the END of the Age

He had walked the roadway to Emmaus with them, as well as unbeknownst to them, He was their Saviour. As they walked with Him, He opened the Scriptures from within His own heart, and also, as He read to them from His memory about Himself, their hearts were aflame – yet the eyes of the risen Jesus’ travelling friends just opened when He had actually disappeared, having damaged bread with them that 3rd evening in that Town. The climbed Saviour was unrecognisable. No one recognized who He was until He chose to be disclosed to them. That was His function.

Who Knows the Size of God or the Things Under Its Control?

To address that a person is to know the size of every one of Room and the trillions, possibly zillions, of celebrities, earths, and also other things in it. It’s certainly not a male seated over the clouds. Places like paradise and hell are desire for men who saw area as an extension of the sea arching over the planet as a ceiling.

God’s Harvest Is Gathering Together in the Last Days

When one grows a plant there is typically a harvest at the end of its growth. That is what is taking place today with God’s winery. The ones worried are called the ‘youngsters of Israel’ (Isaiah 5:7) and also they are connected to the Spirit of the World and much away from the idolizers and also false gods of religious beliefs.

The Little Voice Within and the Spirit of the Universe

Several recognize the little voice within that says when points are great or bad. If one tunes into it prior to acting the result is more than likely an appropriate decision. Sometimes it can drive people to do terrible things like terrorism.

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