Master #11 Meet & Greet! Master 11’s from all over the world!

November 11th, 2018 was a day to remember for sure!
I was thrilled to host a LIVE Meet and Greet with many 11’s from all over the world! It was clear that Lady Gaga’s mega hit “Born this Way!” was to become the anthem for all 11’s! Thanks to Stefanie Garcia from for co-hosting this amazing event!

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New Year-Glory In The Highest! Peace On Earth!

Hallelujah! The curtain is drawn over in 2015! What would certainly you keep in mind in 2014 for? How did you end it as well as just how did you go into the New Year? This write-up is intended at responding to these concerns

Fellowship With God – The Wisest Decision To Implement This Year

What decisions have you created this year? Which ones must you execute? What you will certainly experience tomorrow is a result of the decisions you make and also implement today. Every sensible action offers increase to happiness in future as well as silly step breeds is sorry for. This short article informs you one major decision you need to make and execute this year if you are to enjoy this year and experience success as well as magnificence.

God Is Angry And People Are Dying Because Of Retribution Against The False Gods

The spiritual people that know the real God stay clear of things that harm them. Those who are not connected to the Spirit chase the important things of the world and all the idols.

Homilies: A Means for Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth needs some kind of nourishment. A homily can provide this nutrition if it is done correctly and provided with care. In this write-up are talked about two qualities that a discourse need to have. It should be transformational and also Biblically oriented.

The Place Of Hope In This New Year

Why are you so downcast? This is a year expectant with terrific treasures and packed with glory. This Brand-new Year talks of brand-new points, clean slates, new exploits, new life, new tales and testimonies! Will you allow despondence to rob you of these true blessings? I think not, so ready for the ideal of times this year.

How Becoming Hebrew Once a Week Will Improve Your Prayer Life

WHAT we Westerners typically call ‘losing time’ is a novel principle for remainder called Sabbath. How wrong have we come to believe! I need to confess I’ve concerned appreciate my seldom Sabbath’s so much I hardly desired them to finish, and I definitely really felt the anticipation of despair that the following day I would certainly be obliged to come back the dogged fray.

Reincarnation And The Wall Of Secrecy

With millions speaking up concerning past lives and also their out of body experiences the religious bodies that depend on heaven and hell are anxious. The fact can not be talked in the existence of those who support lies and are component of a conspiracy theory versus the genuine God – the Spirit of the Cosmos.

The Roots of Thinking

For much of us, such reasoning is taking place almost all the moment. In some cases, it may just be in the background, however it is there, occupying our mental sources. A lot of it is a total waste of time and also power.

The Fiction Behind Dreams

Dreams can drive individuals crazy or they just interrupt one’s tranquility. Whatever they do there is a cause for them that is not extremely healthy and balanced.

Manifest – 3 Prosperity And Abundance Blocks That Cause Struggle, Lack And Limitation

Over the past couple of days I have actually shared with you exactly how Angels have aided me via even the darkest minutes of this life as well as really finding out– by hand– what it indicates to surrender right into trust fund and also strolling by confidence, not by sight. As assured, here are the 3 prosperity and wealth blocks that cause struggle, absence and also constraint …