Life Path #4 Are You Wearing a Victim T shirt?

Warning! I got particularly cranky when I created this video! Anyone who knows me well knows I have little tolerance for people with a “victim mentality!” Why? Because I WAS that girl years ago!! LOL! Today’s video discusses how those who have a 13/4 or 31/4 life path number often tend to lead lives with a half empty cup mentality. Humor me as I rant….but in the end offer critically important advice on how to control this tendency while getting the best out of the 4 life path! Who do you know who is a 4 life path number. Do yourself a favor and SHARE this with them! 🙂
P.S. I will be posting a video on the Master #22/4 very soon! Did I mention that patience is a virtue?! 🙂
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Rooted in Peace

Internal peace results in external tranquility. Our personal perspective of peace is a joint principle of non-harming (ahimsa) as well as acceptance of others. The only path to this way of thinking is Love. While fear, disgust, as well as physical violence are contagious, so is tranquility. The surest way towards a tranquil globe, is for each of us to materialize our own existence of peace.

The Biggest Worship

The love for Allah is the “light of the confidence”. As idea advances, a person is freed from his interests and dependencies brought on by the ego’s whim. The love and also enthusiasm for Allah gives grace as well as goodness that manages all dangerous interests of the nafs. It can be completed by complying with orders of Allah (swt) as well as remembering Him as high as possible. Keeping in mind Allah (dhikr) is so essential that, it is ordered in Qur’an: “Remembrance of Allah is the biggest (point in life)” Dhikr is the most convenient however the most fructuous prayer.

A Moment to Pause… The Present Moment

Old Eastern theorists discovered via centuries of observing and also practicing meditation that we reside in 2 extremely various worlds at the same time. This idea is currently apparent as truth offered by concepts in Quantum physics. The worldly globe of name and kind, which we experience with our 5 sense understandings, is a shown up, limited world of complicated changes.

Spiritual Bypassing – One Avoidance Technique You May Not Realise You Are Doing

I initially heard this term on the 6 month Spiritual Growth Program that I have actually just ended up based on Sufi principles. It spoke with me and I found there was a book regarding it – Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects United States From What Truly Matters. The term basically suggests that we stay clear of handling our unpleasant sensations with using spiritual practises or beliefs.

Step One to Unlocking Your Dreams and Living Your Destiny!

Individuals always state that I didn’t quit my seat due to the fact that I was tired, but that isn’t true. I was not tired literally, or say goodbye to worn out than I generally was at completion of a working day. I was not old, although some individuals have a picture of me as being old then. I was 42. No, the only worn out I was, was tired of giving in.” -Rosa Parks

One Reason Why You May Have Been Born An Empath

I lately have had two profound recoveries. The initial was a couple of weeks ago, it was a past life regression with Jay Linden. I have had a few of them currently however this regression I entered into a criminal lifetime.

Object Lesson – Gummy Worm Discipleship

Although gummy bears were developed by German Candy manufacturer Hans Reigel in 1922, the gummy worm is a fairly recent concept. The Gummy bear wasn’t shipped to America till around 1981 and after that an American candy firm expanded the idea to gummy worms to offer children something enjoyable to eat and also to stun their parents. Gummy worms are one of the most prominent gummy candies around. Use these video games with gummy worms as a practical demonstration to discuss Jesus’ contact us to his devotees to end up being fishers of guys.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Toxic Vibrational Fast

We are all at out core vibrational beings. Picture if all beings almost everywhere never lost view of this fact. What kind of globe would we reside in if everybody recognized that their ideas and also their feelings were creating their external experiences? Dear One, I have an obstacle for you. Please approve it, and also allow me recognize exactly how it helps you.

10 Ways to Know Your Ministry Is Over

Priests deal with knowing when their ministry is over. They would instead not move once again and would select to remain in position. Yet, the churchgoers they serve might be revealing indicators of when their ministry is over in a details place. This write-up suggests 10 signs of an approaching end to ministry.

The Truth Will Make You Free

A lot of Christians still have rage troubles, anxiety, quarrel, jealousy, and also the checklist might go on and on. However Jesus said, “you will understand the fact, and the reality will make you complimentary.” The reality is made to establish you cost-free when you understand it.

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