Let’s Start Fresh in 2020! You are Invited to our FREE LIVE Event!

Let’s Start Fresh in 2020! You are invited to our FREE LIVE Event!

Join me and my guests on Sunday, December 8th at 5pm Eastern Time for our FREE LIVE event!

Find out why 2020 isn’t the year to sit around and wait! This is a year demanding focused action from you!

This is a LIVE event open to just 100 people so you need to sign up NOW to reserve your seat.

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My guests will include Psychic Medium Laura Warren from

Astrologer/Tarot Reader Vannessa Williams from

Visual Artist Stefanie Garcia

This event is open to everyone although those who are paid members of the Master Number 11 Membership will also receive access to my course “Uncover Your Life Purpose With Numerology” valued at $45US.

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Did I mention there will be prizes?!! We’ve got that too!

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The Overlooked Procedure – What To Consider When Praying

We have neglected the reality that we’re assessed in whatever we do; whether in a connection, or on tasks we are evaluated in our efficiency. Likewise in our prayers as well as what we provide for God are assessed to figure out the worth of what we do and also say.

Last Days

This is such a controversial issue since lots of are expecting it while others are in rejection. The spiritual, nevertheless, know it is truth. So that are these people that are in communication with God.

When Love Draws Close and Safe

Minutes we live for, minutes that show up, stay, and afterwards depart as fast as they came; minutes we live for. Hope attracts us along the passage of life through the setting of time, and also we readily live for the sweetest of minutes for which God set up a craving. And when the minutes are enabled to get here and also leave, as we approve our moments, the constant following peace in a love within resolves our hearts for the temerity of fact – moments that are more difficult to endure.

Visions For Encouragement

A vision for our encouragement comes, lot of times, when we the very least anticipate it to, due to the fact that God is active with us, by the petition of His speaking, when we open up cognisance to our spiritual setting. This spiritual atmosphere resembles a river of God interaction – it exists! We just need to be open to hearing, checking out and also acting.

Reasons Behind War Migrations

Over the last 200 or so years there have actually been some major and also hideous problems with millions eliminated. That considers the American Civil War, the Boxer Disobedience in China, and also those of Africa, Europe, and in other places. The background books are full of the problems as well as the numbers of dead they left.

The Lord Will Bring to Perfection

Our weaknesses are uncountable, and our needs are continuously regulating our decisions, disrupting our desires, shackling our thoughts. Yet they become part of our identity, part of our construct, as well as their complete satisfaction is determinant to our path through life.

No Place Answers to the Description of Heaven or Hell

The risk of heck is terrorism and a tool in the arsenal of faiths who look for to include people right into their congregations for power and also control. Lack of knowledge of the cosmos is the wind in their sails as individuals depend on their leaders for support as well as spiritual assistance. Exists, cover up, conspiracy theory, as well as ridiculous ideas led by ‘belief’ lag it.

Suffering’s Greatest Encouragement

We might assume that obedience for Jesus was simple, since He was of God. However being totally human meant that absolutely nothing we experience as human beings was reduced from Him. He experienced humanly. He suffered as you and also I do … simply as you and also I do … as well as experienced even more … without any kind of validation.

Authors of the Old Testament Worshiped the Sun

The Old Testament is the publication drawn from the Septuagint by Jerome, who produced the first bible in the direction of completion of the fourth century. Numerous will suggest with this as there are tales of ones done by earlier writers, such as Eusebius. There is also a case that Moses created the first phases of it.

5 Points for Living Heaven on Earth

Some years ago a psychology teacher at a major university offered me something he called 5 Points for Living Paradise on Planet. While I was familiar with these teachings, I had actually never seen it so succinctly presented as he had actually done, when he distributed copies of the five indicate his college students as well as to lucky me. As I compose this short article I am checking out the five factors I read them off my gold-framed duplicate.

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