Karmic Debt 19/1 – Were you a Hard Ass in a Previous Lifetime?

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Karmic Debt 19/1 – Were you a Hard Ass in a Previous Lifetime?
Soooo….you have a karmic debt of 19/1? Guessing you are making up for bad behavior from a previous lifetime! Me too! So let’s look at this more closely so that we can understand what the heck a karmic debt is and why is this one such a tough one!

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How to Be a Fool Forever (Thoughts on Psalm 14)

Nobody suches as to be called a fool. Yet in the Bible God uses this label to identify particular people.

The Gospel According to David, Part 1 (Thoughts on Psalm 15)

If you could ask God any kind of concern, what would certainly it be? Just how around this: “That may stay in your sanctuary?

The Gospel According to David, Part 2 (Thoughts on Psalm 15)

In Psalm 15, David asks a timeless concern: how can I live with God? In the beginning glance, he addresses this question in a manner that can trigger more complication that clarification.

How to Delight in the Flawless Word of God (Thoughts on Psalm 12)

The Bible claims to be the very Word of God. Yes, words of this book were created by individuals, and each human writer utilized his own particular composing style and also vocabulary, yet the best source of Scripture is Almighty God Himself.

My Favorite Psalm (Thoughts on Psalm 13)

Can I show to you my preferred passage in the psalms, otherwise the whole Scriptures? It’s Psalm 13:5 -6 (NIV) – However I rely on your unfailing love; My heart rejoices in your salvation.

Everyone Can Get Angry, But YOU Can’t Sin

There are consequences throughout the board for enabling our temper to lead us to transgression, however, for the follower there are spiritual security damages for allowing ourselves to go that far. Being spiritual means being different and holds us to a greater criterion.

Spirit, Come With Fire, Breathe, Empower, Give Life

FROM the day the Holy Spirit came, breathing the wind of life with fire right into the adherents, God was advising mankind that He, the company God, is a giving God. Christians are fast to have Pentecost, but the Jews had actually been celebrating Shavuot through the Feast of Weeks for over a thousand years when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost 10 days after Jesus’ ascension.

Have I Got God’s Calling On My Life?

CALLED. It’s what Christians call it when their life modifications from dark to day – when God switches over the light of objective on in their heart – to offer Him and also Him alone. ‘Called’ is what takes place when God makes that impact on a Christian’s heart. When this occurs, as well as just individual by individual can each recognize, God can not be declined!

Lessons in Surrender – Becoming More Spiritual

It began with a feeling, then an indicator, a nudge and after that a publication. A signal to change, to decrease, to breathe even more deeply and also to go within.

Ugliness Impacts on My Spirituality

The globe is transforming uglier by the day and also the important things individuals do to each various other becomes part of it. Corruption, break-in, drugs, and also so one, are only component of it. Trade in human beings and pets is revolting and the massacre of God’s creatures for the exchange of cash is worthless.

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