Kari Samuels & Belinda Davidson Past Lives & Being Psychic – Pt 2

Kari Samuels website: http://www.karisamuels.com

Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic: http://bit.ly/1fyDmJ5

Listen to Part Three of this interview here: https://youtu.be/54erhe5KThs

Do you feel too sensitive for this world?
If you feel you get drained my other people’s energy, or that you’re a psychic sponge, you are most likely an empath. Empaths are highly sensitive beings who are natural healers. You are naturally in-tuned with other people’s energy and emotions, and have an uncanny knack for picking up the information in your environment.

Being an empath is a gift. Like all gifts, there are challenges that come with this responsibility. Empaths are prone to health challenges such as fatigue, dizziness, digestive problems, depression and anxiety. Empaths tend to withdraw so they don’t get overloaded with energy.

You don’t need to hide from the world. You’re meant to be a shining light of love! Belinda and I will share with you how you ground yourself and energize your chakras so you can be an empowered empath!

In this revealing talk with medical intuitive (and my personal mentor) Belinda Davidson, we discuss how we learned to benefit from our empathic gifts and how you can too.

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