July 2019 Monthly Numerology Forecast

July 2019 Monthly Numerology Forecast!
This is a 1 universal month in a 3 universal year! What a great lineup to step into something new! Be independent! Be courageous! Start that new course! This is a brilliant lineup to really express yourself! Plant new seeds and be prepared to set some healthy intentions into place!

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Why Did We Die and Reincarnate Into Another Life?

This is an inquiry that lots of question as the knowledge of reincarnation comes to the fore in these the last days. The response is given up the Prophecies in the Old Testament. God needs those of the Spirit to come to excellence and also for this to occur they have actually lived via numerous lives and also been extremely abused in them.

Pulled INTO the Slipstream of God’s Purposes and Will for YOUR Life

ADHERING TO Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit’s leading and also advice, is our veritable aim, as believers in Him, who lived as well as taught life and love, craved us, and climbed once more beating fatality. He is with the Papa, and also He intercedes for us continually as well as forever.

Israel Is the Chosen

They are called the kids of Israel since they are promised the inheritance that was given to Jacob and after that to Joseph. It passed on with Manesseh, the very first born, up until it showed up at Ephraim the second born of the Spirit. It’s a complex story that is not made less complicated by the intricacy of the important things put up by man to stop the reality from being heard.

Proof Consciousness Is Eternal

Making use of historic advertisement present research study and individual experience, Dr. Dave confirms presence of psychic sensation, OBE’s, reincarnation and the influence the spirit dimension carries us. All confirming that our consciousness is infinite.

Principles and Standards Are Crucially Important and Have to Be Carefully Guarded

Exactly how strong are your principles in these present times? Will your concepts allow you to stand when the scenario around you wears away? We require concepts that will motivate us to resist various lures in a day when it is rather usual to endanger and also water down standards of principles and spirituality. Below is a lesson that I have actually discovered as well as it has stood me in great stead over these many years. Definitely there has to be some moderation? Can we not just offer, someplace between, with a foot in both camps? No. Jesus never instructed that for some it would certainly be all right to be partly devoted, however going on to share the requirement for a couple of deeply committed men as well as women that really desired to go all the method on this discipleship training course. There is no double basic!

Have You Lived Before?

Many have memory or a hint of a past life and also others are curious to discover all they can around reincarnation. With my experience comes evidence to show that paradise and also hell are myths that religious beliefs stand on for power. Passing from life to life has been the lineup of the lord as well as it is under the control of the Wonderful Spirit of the Universe, that is buried below the wall surface of complication as well as hidden from the world by the thick fog that religions have generated.

God Sent the Spiritual Children of Israel to the Sword

This could be a shock to those who count on a mild loving god who takes care of its individuals. That description is anything yet real due to the fact that the God I recognize is qualified of cruel penalty and abuse as well as awful deaths. The concern is why?

Believing On the Faithfulness of God

NOTHING resembles being hopeless for God’s faithfulness than oppression. Nothing rather compares with our despair in prayer than when we really feel reviled. And also confidence becomes real when we are so hopeless as to be beside ourselves with angry sorrow.

Object Lesson – Newspaper Madness – United in Christ

Our originality of the week utilizes newspapers. There are whole lots of video games that can be played utilizing only papers, however a couple of have actually been selected to highlight the suggestion of unity as well as working with each other. In the majority of these games the players are marked as penguins and the paper is an iceberg.

Trusting the Holy Spirit for Healing, Growth and Wholeness

The Holy Spirit wants to do a valuable, holy, as well as enduring operate in us. Yet He needs consent.