July 2015 astrology and numerology forecast

Juicy July is here! The opportunities for love this month are once in a blue moon. JULY BEGINS WITH A CELESTIAL KISS – with a conjunction between Venus (our planet of love) and Jupiter (our planet of expansion), all during a bodacious full moon. We are blessed with two full moons this month, lighting up your intuition and illuminating your passions. Love is in the air!

Our numerology for July highlights your love life. It’s a 6 Universal Month (7 +2+0+1+5 = 15/6). 6 is the number of love and attraction. Combined with the influence of amorous Venus, this can truly be the summer of love.

July is a super psychic month as well, with the moon lighting up your inner world, your intuition will be off the charts. Because the moon’s magnetic force is so powerful, you can draw love and opportunities to you in abundance. You’ll want to make sure you’re processing your powerful emotions, and consciously attracting your desires – or else you’ll feel lost at sea.

You’ll find out how to navigate the moon’s emotional tides in this month’s astrology and numerology forecast. It’s time you got your groove back!

Enjoy and share the love!

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