Introduction To Chinese Numerology

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A long time ago a would be emperor of China was trying to find a solutions to the floods that would happen every year. On his search for a solution he found a shell with a grid on it where he could place the numbers 1 through 9.

He regarded this as a sign from god and vowed to study the effects that numerology had on humanity. This grid is known as the ‘Lo Shu Grid’.

Here are some of the traits associated with each number in Chinese numerology:

1 belongs to individuals who may have a hard time communicating verbally.

2 people can be a bit impatient and they have a duality that represents the true nature of the world.

3 is all about child birth and the continuation of lineage.

4 in Chinese Numerology is a force of reason. It also represents the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.

5 is symbolic of good luck, optimism, fun and enthusiasm.

6 is all about expansion and a long life. It is a symbol of the eternal nature of things.

7 is all about perfection and completion. It also represents the concept of everything having their own timing in the grand scheme of things.

8 in Chinese numerology is about inclusion and the spiritual nature of all things in life.

9 is symbolic of the creator as well as the answers to all of life’s great questions.

Lastly 0 symbolizes limitless possibilities.

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