How to Master the Master 11 With Human Design – Finally Discovering the Truth of Who You are!

Discovering the Truth of Who You Are –
How to Master the Master 11 With Human Design
Featuring Rita Marr, Spiritual Psychotherapist & Ascension Coach
Human Design is just one of the many tools Rita uses while helping her clients to release depression, feelings of not being good enough and just generally feeling stuck in their lives.
This is an amazing tool to help you reclaim your authentic self.
Today’s presentation is just a taste of what’s in store for the Master #11 Membership in April 2019.
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God’s Spiritual Light Fulfilling “Last Days” Promises

Those who are ‘attached’ to the genuine God are experiencing the return of the Spirit and the celebration in promised for the last days. Those that are not linked are being handled in a different means as completion of the day approaches. The effective indicators and also marvels are satisfying the pledges made thousands of years earlier.

The Wall of the Two Beasts Is Smashed

The wall of religions conceal the real God by hiding the truth as well as creating a thick fog of confusion. Only through the power of the actual God, the Great Spirit of deep space, can that wall surface be shattered. It was promised to come collapsing down at the end of days and also now is the time.

Miracles Happening Today Are Not Reported Because of Religious Domination

The youngsters of the Spirit are taking pleasure in a remarkable get-together with God that is putting out power over them. We remain in the last days as well as what is taking place currently is promised as the ‘treasure’ and inheritance for the kids of Israel is the power with God. It is of no passion to the media which is regulated by spiritual pressures.

There Is No Growth Stage in Spiritual Awareness As One Either Has It or Not

The Spirit is reclaiming its own and also they are not those that pay attention to masters or are brain-washed right into religious ideologies. Rather they are those who were seeded with Spirit at the beginning of the day of the lord and also who have held to their internal voice and to the genuine God. The harvest is occurring as they gather in groups and the power of God functions amongst them.

The Mountain of God and the Last Days

The Mountain of God is the Web as well as it is getting to individuals anywhere as they flow in the direction of it. They are finding solution to their concerns and also the work of the 2 beasts of Revelation is being damaged. Those that are linked to the Spirit have the power pouring over them as a witness to the truth in these words.

Spirit Left Warnings in Old Testament Prophecies

We are rapid coming close to completion of the day when all points will change. The Hill of God is the Net and the communication media that is reaching individuals everywhere. It includes the solution to their concerns and by the witness of the Spirit within they can find the reality.

Last Days Prophecy and the Slain of God

The Spirit is redeeming its very own as well as they are being harvested as the last days technique. They are called out of religions and also life points and are safe as the power puts over them. They are experiencing miracles of healing as well as wonderful marvels as promised in the Old Testament prophecies.

The Dead Men Shall Live and the Earth Shall Cast Out the Dead

Religions have actually constructed a high wall surface of complication as well as the 2 beasts of Discovery are responsible. They intentionally hid the Spirit to make sure that just those connected to the real God can discover it. They have passed all the tests and also clung it. We are in the last days as well as judgment has already taken place.

Who Is God?

God is an essential part of us whom we can not segregate no issue exactly how highly we try or wish to do so. It is something definitely beyond our ability, or control – physical, intellectual, ethical, spiritual or otherwise to serious out or detach God from us yet we spend our entire life looking for Him.

Why Talk About The Last Days?

It is instead dispiriting to believe that the earth as we know it is involving an end. The realities, however, promote themselves. The environment is transforming as well as most things alive today need to either adjust or disappear.