How To Calculate Your Numerological Chart Correctly | Calculate Your Life Path Number & More Easily

Calculate your life path number, expression number, soul’s urge or heart’s desire number and birthday number correctly in a few easy steps. EXCEPTIONS SUCH AS IF Y IS A VOWEL ARE ALL LISTED BELOW!!!!!!!!

Life path number 1:26
Birthday number 7:05
Expression number 8:35
Soul’s Urge Number 8:35

1. “Y” is a vowel if it is
1. Next to a vowel (e.g. Joy)
2. Next to a consonant or between two consonants (e.g. Judy, Lynn)
2. If your name has a suffix, such as Jr., Sr, III, you DO NOT include them.




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-iPhone users calculate your chart here: Please note that this app will calculate everything except for your birthday number. To calculate that, all you do is add the numbers of the day of the month you were born. For example, if you were born on the June 25th, then you add the 2 and 5 together, 2 + 5 = 7. So in this example the birthday number is 7.

-Android phone users calculate your chart here. Please note that this app uses the word “heart’s desire number” instead of “soul’s urge number,” but these are the same thing.

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