How Does The Karmic Debt 13/4 Affect a Master Number 11?

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So you are a Master #11 with a 13/4 Karmic debt. How does this karmic debt affect you? What can you do to lessen the affect?!

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Is There a Soul? Is There Life After Death?

These are 2 really arguable ideas. One is heart as well as the various other, life after fatality. If we see these two ideas with the eyes of faith, mythology or spirituality, the solutions are basically attire. But as science begins to intervene, there are various placements taken and also conclusions attracted. Maybe due to the fact that science functions simply on the basis of empirical evidence.

The Wall of Confusion, Mystery, Magic, and Deceit of Religious Organisations

Those of the Spirit already understand that religions are wrong. They are being led out of the haze of confusion as well as into the light with the power of God. They are experiencing miracles and discovering concerning brand-new points that have actually been hidden by the 2 monsters of Discovery who run the world.

The Mountain of God Is the Internet Promised for the Last Days

Those who are true to the Spirit within as well as that have not worshiped the incorrect gods of faiths remain in a risk-free location. Those who have actually done the contrary and that have become part of the pain and enduring caused on those who declined to accept their gods are now dealing with the revenge due to them.

Salt Of The Earth And Temple Of God

Jesus called us, His devotees, the salt of the earth. This posts gives an insight right into real natural salt and exactly how it connects to the body, which is the temple of God, as well as the spirit.

From Selfless To Selfish In A Blink Of An Eye

This is a narrative describing how easy it is to go from a spiritual mindset to a self-seeking one. This story advises us just how we have to be on continuous defend against the narcissism of our flesh and also our earthly way of thinking.

A Spiritual Perspective: The US 2016 Election

We face a spiritual in addition to a political crisis in the present US political election year. ISIS is the greatest risk to our safety and security which of various other nations. This terror team professes to eliminate all that disagree with their deem they advertise an apocalyptic future.

The Spirit of The Universe and the Purpose of Life

Those who are spiritual recognize within when they are in the visibility of lies and make-believe. That is what lags the New Age movement as those that are led by the Spirit leave faiths in droves and also unite in teams. Miracles and excellent points are occurring among them as the revival of spiritual power is taken pleasure in.

Single Religion for All Humanity

In all the societies, the resource of social principles is the divine education. Numerous individuals think that prophets brought various faiths. Considering that the time of Prophet Adam, all the prophets introduced really a solitary religious beliefs. Which religious beliefs is “the religious beliefs of counting on one Maker as well as submitting to His will certainly”. This faith was ultimately connected to Muhammad (a.s.). It was named as “Islam” which indicates “submission” in Arabic. Those that submitted to the Maker’s will were called “Muslims”. Islam is the religion of all times and also all mankind. All guides (the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospels and the Quran) are additionally guides of Islam.

Who Experiences the Power of the Spirit?

The spiritual of God are those that feel the Spirit as power racing via their body. They are called out of religion and are gathering in teams where the power moves and miracles take place. The huge rush of energy from God is typically more than one can take and also they are slain by it. These are the signs that the actual God is back as well as religious beliefs get on the method out.

God Is Undoing the Dark Powers of Religion and Shining Spiritual Light Into the World

Those of the Spirit recognize that they are now as the power has actually pulled them away from the darkness of faith. They are collected in groups or divided from the world as well as they are waiting as the harvest of God proceeds and also the last days approach. The globe tethers on the edge of calamity from several fronts as the genuine God acts to bring it to an end.

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