How Can the Energetically Sensitive Master 11’s Manage Their Stress?

How Can the Energetically Sensitive Master 11’s Manage Their Stress?
This month in the Master Number 11 Membership, my guest is Naturopath Heather Drummond from

This isn’t going to be your average talk about stress. This isn’t addressing your typical work stress or life stress. Heather will be teaching us…
1) How massaging the Gall Bladder meridian points will help you to sleep like a baby!
2) How closing the door on your past experiences will set you free from stress!
3) Discover the energetic power of RANTING!

You can join us LIVE on Sunday February 23rd at 6pm EASTERN TIME.
Join in the conversation. Ask questions! AND you will be entered into a draw to win one of Heather’s programs valued at $147!

It’s only $11 to join the membership! Cancel anytime no questions asked.

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Should We Pray for Physical Safety? (Thoughts on Psalm 16)

Is it appropriate for Christians to hope for physical safety? For example, whenever my family members takes a trip, we ask God for security, that He would maintain us out of damage’s means, as well as that we ‘d come to our location risk-free and also audio.

They Turned God Into the Devil

“Concern to those who call wicked good, as well as great evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who placed bitter for wonderful, as well as wonderful for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20. Following my reincarnation the Spirit commissioned me to remove the wall of confusion that hides the definition of these words.

The Big Storm Is Brewing

Wind is incredibly harmful and also perhaps the worst of natural storms. It impacts away residences, uproots trees, drives seas over land, as well as it eliminates thousands. Tornadoes and cyclones are equally horrendous as they interrupt entire neighborhoods and also ravage countries.

Why God Prefers Women to Men

While male humans consider themselves made in the photo of God they have no viewpoint of the real Divine Developer. It is not a male, however an excellent Spirit that fills up every one of space. Females feel it as well as are most likely to be connected to it than men that produced faiths as well as systems based upon their desires and also creativity while neglecting things before their eyes.

Top 50 Christian Search Words – Some May Surprise You

Below are the 50 leading Christian search words on the web from 2014 study. Some may shock you.

Notice I Call God It and Not Him

Individuals that attend to God with a male pronoun have no idea of that or what the real God is. They are grossly misinformed by the religious conviction that states that God is a man who favoured a child. Nothing could be even more from the fact.

A Sure Cure for Narcissism (Thoughts on Psalm 18)

American baby-boomers have actually been labelled the “Me Generation” for our conceited tendencies and dedication to self-actualization, self-fulfillment as well as self-realization. But according to Bible, every person and every generation is guilty of such self-absorption.

The All-Sufficient Word of God (Thoughts on Psalm 19)

Peter composed that God’s “magnificent power has given us whatever we need for life and also godliness through our knowledge of him that called us” (2 Peter 1:3). What a statement!

Sound Advice From the World’s Greatest Politician (Thoughts on Psalm 20)

It’s a governmental election year in the U.S.A. as well as I can’t help but paraphrase Psalm 20:7 (“Some count on chariots and also some in steeds, however we count on the name of the LORD our God) as “Some rely on Democrats as well as some trust in Republican politicians …” As well as I can not assist but consider any type of variety of various other human establishments that we so conveniently aim to for the solution to our troubles: education, medication, science, modern technology, and so on. The listing goes on and also on for each generation.

How to See God (Thoughts on Psalm 17)

Words captivate me to no end. Any type of given word can have such a variety of definitions.