How Can Master 11’s Help Themselves?

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How Can Master 11’s Help Themselves?
Learning to Overcome 4 Major Issues Common to
Master Number 11’s.
I think I’ve done a good job helping the Master #11’s understand that they are not alone. They are indeed different and they do have their own unique set of challenges. But I don’t want the 11’s to feel that just because they’ve been validated that they can leave it at that. I feel it’s important to share ideas on how to overcome the obstacles that you are experiencing so you can live up to your potential!
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You Will Get Justice, In Jesus’ Name

I have ventured with injustices that seemed helpless at the time; I was defenceless, powerless, as well as by my own projection, pitiful. Yet, I concern identify, currently, today afresh, that God was preparing that actual redemption that I experienced years after from the Old of Days.

Sons of Korah’s Journey Through One Dozen Psalms

PSALMS in the biblical corpus provide the reader, vocalist and gamer a large landscape of the human emotions permanently. Every little thing that might viably be really felt and theologically reasoned is caught in these one hundred fifty eternalised sonnets.

Faith Constitutes the Base of Islam

The unseen aspect of faith relevant to heart is called “Belief” as well as the noticeable facet pertaining to prayer is called “Islam”. Belief comprises the base of Islam. An individual’s executing all worships without faith wears. If he has belief in his heart but he does not carry out the worships as a result of idleness, he will certainly be compensated Paradise after he is punished as high as problems in his prayer. Islam is the faith of tawhid (entirety). Unity means counting on the unity of Allah’s existence, attributes, as well as works; and also not set up partners to Him; and also worshipping to Allah (swt) only.

Being Your Own ‘Soul Keeper’

ENDLESS TIME is the place of souls. It is the destination of spirit and also not flesh. Whatever that is established against the heart discolors in addition to the planet. Only the heart continues to be.

Living the Life God Wants You to Live

Do you wish to live the type of life God wants you to live? Do you intend to live your life in such a way that is pleasing to God?

Angelic Realms – Angel of the Moon Ophaniel

In this Earthly Realm, the Moon determines the increase and autumn of the tides. It notes the death of time and also takes a trip the night skies, waxing as well as waning completing an ancient and also ageless cycle every thirty-days. There is a sense of order within the Heavens and it coincides right here in this Earthly Realm of dense physical power.

Pragmatic Patience: A Solution to Every Problem

The demand to develop perseverance for a peaceful life. A lesson in patience from Surah Yusuf in the Holy Quran; provided for emulation in an unstable globe.

The Avenging Victory of Suffering Love to Vanquish Evil

What makes the cross conquer evil is the rebirth. The cross, of itself, was the foretaste of the success to find; a prevue of wickedness’s demise. It squashed all of Satan’s proud hope. And yet the volume of the success was then realised in the rebirth of our Lord. However it was the cross that defeated the evil one – a love wickedness might not see coming.

What Is Jesus’ Model for Servant Leadership?

SERVANT leadership is not concerning being dealt with like a slave. It’s more about seeing ourselves as slaves who are prepared and also going to do the work of the Kingdom in our sphere.

The Theological Grace of True Contemplation

ELEGANCE suffuses life in and with a loyal, surrendered heart. It would be unsubstantiated the witness of a work of God’s poise through someone not gave up as well as disobedient.