How Can Ant Medicine Help Us During the Pandemic?


How Can Ant Medicine Help Us During the Pandemic
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How are the Ant and the Pandemic connected?
Join me as I share the medicine that the Ant shares with us. Let me explain not only the spiritual message but the numerological message too.

I want to credit Jamie Sams and David Carson for their book “Medicine Cards.”

I was inspired to share a message from their book which is so relevant to the pandemic we are experiencing now.

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Trusting God’s Sovereignty When God Is Silent

When our lives are shaken up we can be forgiven for asking yourself simply how God can watch on, having appeared to have had a hand in creating our destiny. Does He not care as the Bibles state He cares; we may ask? Can not He see just how much we’re experiencing? Does not He care that life appears infernal some, a lot, even a lot of the moment? What is possibly the factor of this apparently vicious life?

What Is True Safety and Security?

What occurs when we yearn for change as well as growth in our lives, as well as unexpectedly, we exist with the opportunity for which we have yearned? If you resemble me, an internal component of you responds with an ecstatic “Yes, yes, yes!” After that fear starts, and also your mind starts its flurry of all the reasons why you should pull back and also stay where all is recognized – its variation of risk-free and safe and secure.

5 Heart Cries From the Psalms

There are various sobs that ring out of the Psalms in God’s divine Word. As many sobs as the human spirit has the ability to really feel as well as share.

Youth Ministry Object Lesson – Shoe Shuffle – Walking With Christ

We commonly talk about an individual’s walk with Christ. That’s because the feet inform us 2 extremely crucial facts about a person: where one is standing as well as which method a person is going. A strong stand and a consistent walk are both characteristics we admire in other Christians. This Things lesson utilizes shoes as a suggestion of the requirement for youth to walk daily with Christ.

How Much Would You Pay to Hear God Speak to You?

It’s not a technique question, but one that the majority of individuals require to think concerning who are expecting the rapture at the end of the day. Several are paying stacks to different spiritual organisations where they get nothing, but assures as well as dangers. They are told that God does not speak to any individual however their priest or the Pope as well as that only by complying with Church laws will they reach paradise.

Looking Back to a Past Life

There is just one means one can do this as well as that is through the memory of reincarnation. In my instance I was a man, second best and also possibly without much to leave. As my ‘being’ (call it spirit) drifted over the body there were some visible points.

Not for Presents, But for Presence

For the lengthiest time I think I was looking for God since I assumed if I corresponded in my seeking then He would certainly reward me. But today I read Matthew 6:33 and it struck me that I no more do this. I really feel as if I have actually gone back to a child-like love for Him.

Living Your Life God’s Way – Prayer

Are you a brand-new Christian? Have you been one for a while and also are fighting with your Christian walk? Do you intend to live the sort of life that God desires you to live? Do you desire to live your life in a way that is pleasing to God? Do you intend to be recognized by Jesus? This short article and those to follow will certainly discover methods to live “Your Life God’s Method”.

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Many have the experience of hearing their name called when there is no person else around. You can be on a desert island and hear it or strolling along the road, in the yard, or even in bed. All of a sudden as well as without reason something calls out your name as well as you are promptly stopped in your tracks.

God’s Number One ‘Will’ for Your Life and Mine

Oh, this is an incredibly tough word for a lot of people, many, otherwise everybody. Most of us aspire to rise to another degree of efficiency in this life. None people are quite where we strive to be – whether that be a job, occupation, family, or personal goal.

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