From Feeling Not Good Enough to Being Empowered By Action!

From Feeling Not Good Enough to Being Empowered By Action!
Today I am speaking with Stefanie Garcia from
Stefanie is a Master 11 who shares her experience of going from feeling not good enough to being empowered by her action to start an inspiring blog. She addresses common issues to 11’s including fear of rejection, lack of self esteem, feeling like you’re running out of time to the crippling effect of feeling lost with no direction. Find out what she did to get going on her life’s purpose!

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Angels – Angel Chief of the Dominions Hashmal

The energy of this Angel feels violet, deep intense blue-violet, edged in glowing gold. I have in my left hand 2 crystal wands to aid me focus in on this energy. As with each Angel, it is various from all the others. Mercy of Self is the means of this Realm, where empathy is the channel where all wrongs– actual or perceived– are translated through the power of fire energy.

Interconnection: What It Feels Like

A poet buddy once aided make concrete and also convenient the big abstract prospect of resting down to compose something. She helped me in my own process, mentor me regarding the perseverance as well as resistance for trouble that I after that knew all writers need to cultivate in their craft. In a comparable means I wish to assist with the crafting of interconnection, one element of the spiritual life.

5 Ways to Stay Encouraged

With all the tragic occasions happening worldwide today, it is simple for one to end up being dissuaded. Feelings of depression as well as dissatisfaction are at an all-time high. It is critical to locate and share methods to remain urged. Additionally, there is so much recommendations circling the web today. Individuals typically search for answers in the wrong locations. Comprehending that most of us require Christ, other individuals, as well as sound choice making will certainly help maintain us in time of demand.

Mind and Body: A Fifty-Fifty Game

Born together, the body as well as the mind will ultimately pass away with each other. By the time fatality comes, stacks of intellectual wisdom tax the mind, toppling it over as well as bringing it to its knees. The body is not saved. It falls under the weight of protein, carb as well as fat.

Suicide: Moral Rights Vs Spiritual Beliefs

The act of suicide has actually been called “probably the darkest secret in all of human actions.” I don’t such as keys as well as I have an individual background with self-destruction, so I chose to read regarding the subject although I would certainly long ago determined a practical hypothesis (i. e., everybody has a right to establish on their own whether or not they shall live). I did not anticipate that the examination would certainly test greater than simply my sight regarding self-destruction, it would challenge the consistency of my beliefs regarding God.

No Amount of Pain

No quantity of discomfort will certainly change the past. We need to learn to feel our pain for a period and also currently when it is time to allow it go!

Symptoms to Watch For – Reactions to New Age Nonsense

The New Age industry consists of plenty of well-meaning people. Nonetheless, like any industry, it has its share of charlatans and also hucksters. Many do not indicate to misguide, but they really feel stress to produce earnings and press, as well as in the procedure lose their stability.


Life is not a race, it’s a trip. Let’s leave the competition rollercoaster as well as advertise unity rather than duality!

Gratitude: One of the Keys to Spiritual Power

Every person knows gratefulness as thankfulness, though we also regard it as a process where to increase spiritual power, therefore obtain more out of life and also progression towards self-actualization. Generally, those on the spiritual course to self-awareness experience 3 phases of appreciation.

Angels – Angel of the Written Word Asaph

One of one of the most essential actions to materializing is the art of creating with the created word. Several individuals really feel and also assume they can take a shortcut and simply claim the word and also it will be so. Talking your request calmly or aloud is just the beginning.

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