February 2016 Energy Forecast – Passion, Power & Light

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Fabulous February is here! What a fantastic month awaits you!

This is an exciting month, because you’ll actually feel the sense of new beginnings you seek in the New Year.

Last month’s Mercury Retrograde muddled the energy a bit, as you were busy processing old wounds and resurrecting your buried spiritual gifts. NOW is your time to truly plant the seeds for a positive, prosperous 2016 and beyond. You have the Chinese New Year to celebrate!

February 8th is a potent New Moon and Aquarius and it’s also Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Fire Monkey.

Fire is the element of passion and courage. Blessings and bounty will come to those bold enough to believe in themselves.

The Monkey is a quick-witted problem-solver who is can find solutions to any challenge. The Fire Monkey year is empowering you to have and be what you want, if you have the courage to go for your dreams!

In numerology, February 2016 is an 11 Universal Month. 11 is a Master Number that brings intuitive insights and inspiration, as well as challenges you to master your life.

In this video, I share with you the FOUR ESSENTIAL STEPS to harnessing the high frequency energy this month so you can fulfill your soul’s purpose and live your dreams.

Enjoy and share the love.

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