Did You Plan Your Life Before You Were Born? Did You Choose Your Family Friends, Numerology Numbers?

In this video I talk about if you planned your life out before you were born and if you chose your family, friends, significant others and numbers in your numerology and astrology charts.

THE GREAT AWAKENING https://youtu.be/YGnAN1Y3UGo

2021 THE GREAT CHANGE IS COMING https://youtu.be/xzrK5XFRYsI



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Angels – Angel Ezekiel Will Help Make Transformation Easy

Change goes to times a frustrating idea. Transformation is moving assumed patterns, launching as well as recovering your heart center. It is not always simple nor is it exceptionally challenging to go through makeover. It is accepting your truth worth which is valuable.

The Burning Times

The ‘Burning Times’ is a period of history when around 60,000 people were tried and convicted as witches. Most of these trials took place in between 1550 and 1650 CE, nonetheless the majority of the sufferers of the witch-hysteria were not actually Pagan, and they most certainly were not Wiccan as this is a much more recent form of Paganism. Actually, the majority of them were Christians that had the misery to be in the incorrect scenario, at the wrong time.

Being Holy!

Are we Holy? We might no perhaps be unless we’ve allow the flesh truly pass away, as well as learned to stroll in the spirit, unless we live a life of communion, of commitment as well as commitment to God, a life of praise and also praise. This remark requires an explanation, since we can worship God at the workplace, in our daily affairs, in our every idea, in our every conversation, we can recognize and also glorify God 1 day a day if we absolutely devote to it.

Religion and The Law of Attraction

Can you still think in God and The Law of Destination? Does not The Law of Tourist attraction say that We are Gods?

Pastoring With the Help of the Holy Spirit

The work of pastoral ministry is a challenging calls. The post reminds the viewers of the existence and also activity of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Quran Is a Cure to Several Problems

The day started with the normal activities. I was so upset today. In fact I had a variety of issues in the workplace with my boss due to less sales in the previous couple of months …

Zareeba to Find Divine Love Again

Dear Buddies! I am home now, back in Canada, after my glorious 2 weeks in Turks and Caicos. Although I need to be thinking regarding pulling my life together and following my stringent regimen, in my heart I am still there, being in the sunlight, fighting the waves of the sea, strolling on the thick turf as well as crushing little coverings with my soles. As my time there was drawing throughout, I was frantically trying to submerse myself into the Caribbean mode, to really feel the intensity of that various globe, to feel God’s the majority of generous love and also most caring divine superintendence, and ultimately, after looking for so lengthy as well as playing conceal and also look for with the highs and also lows of powers on this journey, I have actually found the perfect area where my heart felt liked, and also I relaxed in the folds up of my God’s softest mantle.

December 2011 Monthly Horoscopes

Although Mercury is backward till December 13th, realities are vital to your success and also happiness currently, Aries. The moon Lunar Eclipse highlights your third home of detail as well as truths, Aries. Take notice of factual as well as monetary leaks …

A Mother’s Words From Beyond!

I would love to share an experience that I had with a client while functioning as a Psychic Medium. Cindy contacted me and also requested me to channel her mommy 2 days after her death into spirit. I never know when I begin attaching to a dead spirit what might take place.

Self-Inquiry Is A Necessary Ingredient Of Tantra Practice

Understanding tantra requires considerable self-inquiry. Though this is a procedure where the student digs within himself or herself, the procedure itself can not happen not being watched. Self-inquiry is not within the all-natural bounds humanity. In fact, our natural response is to prevent self-inquiry due to the fact that what we have a tendency to see within ourselves makes us extremely awkward.

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