Destiny Number 5 Secrets Revealed (AKA. Expression Number 5)

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If you belong to destiny number 5 (aka ‘expression number 5’) then you’re in luck because today’s video guide is all about destiny 5 and what it means to be born to this destiny number. We’ll take a look at some of the common traits and characteristics that are associated with destiny number 5 and investigate what may be in the future for those that belong this destiny number.

It’s common for expression 5 people to be flexible and to possess a strong desire for freedom and the ability to do what they want, when they want. They are very unconventional and don’t like to be tied down.

Often people that belong to this destiny number will see and experience more than any other vibration in numberology and their natural curiosity and need for change will ensure that they experience many adventures and opportunities throughout their lives.

Destiny five people like to like impulsively and instinctively seek out pleasure. Sometimes this can lead to over-indulging however. They also like to express themselves in very non-conventional ways and will go out of their way to avoid the status quo.

These people tend to be opportunistic, curious, charming, outgoing, intellectual, unconventional and a hell of a lot of fun. Having a routine for these people is like a prison sentence and nothing short of total freedom will be good enough for many people belonging to this destiny number.

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