Destiny Number 2 Secrets Revealed (AKA. Expression Number 2)

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In this video we’ll take a closer a look at destiny number 2 and let you know exactly what’s in store for you should you possess a destiny number of two.

Destiny 2 (which is also known as ‘expression number 2’) is all about mediation and peacemaking and individuals that belong to this destiny number will be able to handle tricky situations with both diplomacy and grace.

They are socially intuitive and supportive beings but their gentle nature can make them over sensitive in disagreement. Expression number 2 people prefer the nicer things in life though still appreciate smaller gestures from others.

Positive life circumstances will allow destiny number 2 people to grow and shine and since they are also selfless and nurturing they will excel in a career in a field like the teaching, doctoring or nursing.

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