Destiny Number 1 Secrets Revealed (AKA. Expression Number 1)

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Destiny number 1 is the sun of the sun and it’s an extremely positive destiny number to possess. Destiny 1 is often associated with many great traits including the ability to be a strong leader and independent thinker.

Destiny number 1 people are well known for their patience and persistence and they are driven, materialistic, clever and attractive.
Because destiny 1 people are likely to be successful in their life it’s important for them to keep a sense of humour and to remain grounded so that they can relate to other people.

The drive and focus of destiny 1 people means that they will likely be CEOs, executives or other people working high up in the chain. They don’t however work very well in a group and can often try to dominate a group orientated task unnecessarily.

This destiny number is also associated with excellent health and wellness and destiny one people are even known to possess clairvoyant powers.

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