Born On The 17th? (Numerology Of 17)

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By examining your date of birth and in particular the day of the month that you were born on you can find out a lot about yourself as a person to learn more about what really makes you ‘tick’. And in this video we’ll be examining the numerology of the number 17 and will be taking a look at exactly what’s in store for anything that’s born on the 17th of any given month.

The 17 meaning is one that’s all about business and independence and as a result somebody with a 17 birthday is likely to be extremely focused on long term solutions and projects that can potentially impact many future generations to come.

People with a birth number of 17 are efficient and make for excellent managers as they are able to easily recognize talents within others and place them into roles where they will excel. They are also extremely logical and are very capable of finding solutions to big problems even before they arise.

The basic 17 meaning can be found by reducing it to a single digit (1 + 7 = 8) which gives use an 8. The core essence of the number 17 is very similar to the number because of this and as a result it shares many of the same traits and characteristics.

It’s common for people that are born on the 17th to be extremely self-confident too and they are able to see the doubts of others not as a hindrance but as a challenge to strive forward and prove them wrong.

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