Baby Name Numerology: Numerology Secrets Of Baby Names

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You don’t need a baby name numerology calculator to start working out how the letters in your babies name can affect their personality – all that you need to do is watch this short baby name numerology guide!

In this guide we’ll go over how both baby girl and baby boy names with numerology can tell you a lot about your newborn child.

Some of the most important letters in your childs name include the first letter, the last letter and the first vowel in the name. Although all letters can have some form of impact.

To begin working out how your baby name is affected by numerology you must first learn the number that each letter corresponds too.

The letters A, J and S correspond to the number 1.

The letters B, K and T correspond to the number 2.

The letters C, L and U correspond to the number 3.

The letters D, M and V correspond to the number 4.

The letters E, N and W correspond to the number 5.

The letters F, O and X correspond to the number 6.

The letters G, P and Y correspond to the number 7.

The letters H, Q and Z correspond to the number 8.

The letters I and R correspond to the number 9.

Each number then corresponds with it’s own list of characteristics which include:

Number 1: Independent and creative.

Number 2: Peace loving, warm and spiritual.

Number 3: Friendly, energetic and imaginative.

Number 4: Hard working and practical.

Number 5: Knowledgeable and romantic.

Number 6: Stable, artistic and trustworthy.

Number 7: Quiet and deep thinking.

Number 8: Powerful and authoritative.

Number 9: Determined and restless.

Taking numerology into account when selecting a Tamil, Hindu or any other sort of baby name can be extremely useful. At the very least it’s interesting to see how it affects your child even if you don’t use it as the basis for choosing your child’s name.

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